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So, What’s the Answer? That depends … doesn’t it always? You will get a better response if you send daily emails, as long as you can add value and keep them interesting. If you can’t, you will have a bunch of pissed off prospects. Let’s break down the options. Daily: Do prospects really want 365 emails from you per year? Are you a disciplined writer who produces engaging content? If you are, you can do well with this approach. If not, this option should be avoided. Personally, daily is a bit much for me, and I will unsubscribe even from things I’m interested in with daily emails, but I have heard of them working for other audiences, so it may be worth a test for you.

At the end of January this year, I gave a presentation on growing your business to a room of more than 200 entrepreneurs. I laid out marketing tactics for getting more leads to convert to prospects and prospects to buyers. Let’s look at one of those tactics in this article so you can swipe it, deploy it, and grow sales in your own business. What to Do With Leads Once You Have Them There is a lot of noise about when to email and how often you should contact a prospect or client. Emails are yielding fewer and fewer results today, so some people advise sending daily emails to get the same results you previously got a few years ago. Others advise sending weekly emails, and a few people think once per month is the right number.

Weekly: In my opinion, this isn’t frequent enough. Unless all you’re doing is sending offer emails, this just isn’t going to move the needle for a prospect unless they are hot. Furthermore, it will be difficult to get someone excited about your products and services if you mail weekly, because even if they do gain interest, nearly all of that excitement will have evaporated within seven days. Monthly: This is crazy. Right now, it takes 16 touches for someone to even be aware of you. So, unless you want to wait years to make a sale, this is not a smart option. Don’t do it. For most businesses, none of the above strategies will be good enough. Continued on page 2 ...




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