Issue 105

Issue 105 (Apr-Jun 2017)

A publication of The Grassroots’ Club MCI(P)203/03/2017

Singapore Budget 2017

Prevent your Child from Being Bullied Advice from a Counsellor


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Message by Mr Koh Eng Hwa (PBM), Chairman, Membership

Editor’s Notebook

Spotlight Prevent Your Child from Being Bullied: Advice from a Counsellor

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Singapore Budget 2017

Recap Chinese New Year Lohei Dinner Chinese New Year Bazaar Sales

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Barbeque Night

Issue 105 (Apr-Jun 2017)

Member Activities TGC Sing-Along Kakis

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Free Movie Screening Night: Maleficent Talk: Healthy Bones & Joints into Your 80s

Talk: Why drawing up a Will may NOT be the best solution?

The Grassroots’ Club 190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Singapore 568046 | Tel: 6554 2350 | Fax: 6554 2347 |

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Dear Members,

I am pleased to inform you that the Management Committee has decided to waive all entrance fees for new members as well as existing members who are renewing their membership. The revised Membership Fees are as follows:

Duration of Membership

Principal Member Fees

Family Member Fees (Spouse and children above 12 years old and below 21 years old)

1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years

$120 $200 $240 $300

$40 $60 $90 $150

Mr Koh Eng Hwa, PBM Chairman Membership Committee The Grassroots ’ Club

The Grassroots’ Club is an ideal place for you, your family, friends and business associates for meetings, social gatherings, relaxation, recreation and networking. As a TGC member, you and your family members may also access other reciprocal Clubs’ facilities i.e. Orchid Country Club, Arena Country Club, Changi Beach Club and The Malacca Club. We take this opportunity to inform you that the Club is also embarking on the upgrading of its Health Centre in 2017 to offer our members better facilities and services. Facilities within the Health Centre will include the Gym, Members Corner and Jacuzzi. For social gatherings and recreation, there will be BBQ pits available for bookings in 2017. Please visit our website for more information of the club and our upcoming activities in 2017.

The Grassroots' Club: A Club for the Members and by the Members.


Chairman Toh Sze Wei, PBM Vice Chairman Jimmy New Cheng Tee, PBM

Members Edward See Chak Fei, PBM Lim Yen Lan, PBM Marie Lim Soo Cheng David Seah Kah Long, PBM P.Anakeley

Secretariat Bobby Lim Lydia Galvinder Kaur Ethan Seet Design & Editorial Words Worth Media


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Reciprocal Clubs

Changi Beach Club No. 2 Andover Road Singapore 509984 Tel: 6546 5215 l Fax: 6545 6883 Orchid Country Club 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore 769162 Tel: 6755 9811 l Fax: 6755 8874 The Arena Country Club 511 Upper Jurong Road Singapore 638366 Tel: 6897 9997 l Fax: 6897 8778 The Malacca Club New Townhouse: No. 18, 5th Floor Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka Tel: 06-282 4940 / 284 2488 / 283 3518 Fax: 06-284 8303 l Rotunda: Jalan Kampung Hailam, Tanjung Kling, 76400 Melaka Tel: 06-351 1543 / 351 1544 l Fax: 06-351 6309

Dear TGC Members,

For this issue we provided a Budget - At - Glance for members to have a summary view of Budget 2017. We also featured some reports of the past events that our Club organised and we could see that members had enjoyed participating in those events. The free BBQ night on 24 March 2017 attracted more than 300 members and GRLs. We will be organising more of such events in the near future. Moving forward, the Club has prepared a series of interesting activities for you and your family to enjoy with the incoming new facilities at the Club.

Do look out for the activities and join us! Jimmy New Cheng Tee, PBM Editor

Club Officials

General Manager Bobby Lim @ Tel: 6550 2100

TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! Ibrahim Nafsiah Binte Ja'Afar Business Development Manager Lydia Galvinder Kaur @ Tel: 6550 2101 Assistant Manager (Administration) Ethan Seet @ Tel: 6550 2115 Assistant Operations Manager Gerald Teo @ Tel: 6550 2118 Club Directory Computer & Info System Tel: 6550 2111 Membership Tel: 6550 2114 Banqueting Services

Andrew Wong Soon Onn Ang Kok Hui Animesh Satish Sardar Annie Chua Anthony Loh, JP, BBM Cheah Ming Jiun Cheong Peiwen Kelly Chin Yee Min Christina Tong Swee Leng Chua Lew Kee, BBM(L) Chua Teck Boon Chua Wee Meng Eric Dora Tin Gek Choo Emily Melba Teoh Goh Qian Yi Hazman Ali Hakamali Hussain Fathah Jamuna Rani Somasundaram Katherine Koh Peck Siah Khoo Lian Hock Ignatius Koh Eng Heng Koh Lip Siang Kong Lai Chun Lee Ah Yip Lee Kin Jimmy Lim Zheng Yong Mageswari D/O Mahendran Muhammad Faeyz Karim Muhammad Iskandar Shah Bin

Ng Eng Keat Ng Leng Kim Oke Chee Hau Steven Ong Li Xiang Felicia Ong Soh Cheng Brigit Ong Teck Hong Peter Seah Lim Huat, BBM Rachel D/O Samuil Ramachandran Neeraja Raymond Tan Geok Eng Sabrina Leow Chen Li @ Sabrina Moden Saptashree Anandi Bondal Seah Siew Beng Albert Sriya Pula Sumathy Nandan Kumar Sze-To Kin Wang Tan Keng Seng Tan Meng Kwang Teo Ging Siang Tong Peck Hong V. Thirupathy, PBM Venkat Rao Gopala Krishna Ramesh Verma Ravi Kumar Tan Seng Kwee Teo Cheng Keng

Tel: 6550 2121 / 6550 2115 Activities Tel: 6550 2120 Jackpot Room Tel: 6550 2132

Wang Liang Woo Yoke Lan Jacqueline Yang Ying Yap Eng Huat Jimmy Zhang Wei

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While many parents may assume that bullying in schools is a problem that occurs in primary or secondary school, the fact is that schools and parents should take steps to prevent and stop bullying in schools as early as kindergarten and early primary school. By teaching children about what bullying is and the facts about how and why it is harmful, teachers and parents can set important foundations to stop bullying behaviour before it starts.

Mr. C. Joshi. PB.PBS.CMSAC Consultant Counsellor

What is Bullying? Bullying is defined as aggressive behaviour that is intentional. It can be physical (such as pushing or hitting) or verbal (such as hurting someone with insults or malicious gossip). In younger children, bullying can also frequently include exclusion (a child telling another she doesn’t want to play with her and urging others to join her in excluding the victim of the bullying behaviour, for instance). Bullying can affect children of any age, from kindergarten and primary school years to secondary school. Studies show that as many as 15 to 20% of kids are bullied "sometimes or more often," and 15 to 20% of kids admit to bullying others with some frequency, according to empirical research studies. Bullying in Primary School While problems such as cyberbullying may be less prevalent in primary school, bullying can still occur among young children. While younger children are much less likely to have access to social networking sites or cell phones to exchange hurtful messages, they can nevertheless encounter hurtful behaviour on the playground or in classes. Bullying among younger kids can take the form of ostracism, as in when a group of kids may agree not to include a classmate in their games. Some other ways younger children bully may include verbal aggression, such

as name-calling or physical aggression such as shoving or hitting. Children who are targeted by bullies often include those who have a disability or children who are not adept at making friends and have little social support. Recent research has shown that obesity is also a significant risk factor for being a victim of bullies.

What Parents Can Do to Prevent and Stop Bullying

Stay connected with your child. The more you know about their children’s friends and the details about interactions with classmates and peers, the more likely you are able to spot any changes in your child’s social interactions. Talk with your child every day about specifics at school and extracurricular activities such as who she had lunch with or what the best or worst part of her day was. This is also an important way to establish good communication with your child so that they know that you are someone they can go to when there is a problem. Explain what bullying is to your child. Young children understand that hitting or pushing another child is wrong (that’s why even young bullies will try to be aggressive toward their victims when teachers or other adults aren’t looking). But you can also explain that other forms of bullying, such as excluding or ignoring someone, can also be hurtful.


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SPOT LIGHT Tell your child what to do in case he or she experiences or witnesses bullying. Establish and periodically review with your child the basics of what to do if they encounter hurtful behaviour directed toward them or someone else. Tell your child to alert a teacher right away if they see bullying behaviour (explain that this is not tattling, which is reporting something to the teacher just to get someone in trouble, but is an important way to stop someone from getting hurt). Teach a child the importance of empathy. Research has shown that emotional intelligence and empathy skills may be even more important for success in life than intellectual intelligence. A child who is able to understand what it may feel like to be bullied and can understand and regulate his own emotions is less likely to engage in that behaviour. Set a good example. Do you ever make fun of other people or gossip about others in front of your child? Have you ever spoken rudely to a waiter at a restaurant or to a sales person in a shop. Even if you think your children are not listening or observing your behaviour, the fact is that children learn a lot about how to conduct themselves from watching their parents.This is called “Modelling.” Look for warning signs that your child may be the victim of bullying. Does your child express reluctance to go to school? Are you seeing sudden behavioural changes such as aggression or emotional problems such as anxiety or depression? Children may be reluctant to discuss a school bullying problem with parents, but there are common signs parents can look for if they suspect that their child may be the victim of school bullying.

Talk to your school about what teachers can do and about effective programmes that are being used by schools to deter bullying. If you suspect that your child may be the victim of school bullying, you can tell your child’s teacher about your concerns and ask her to keep an eye out on the interactions between your child and his classmates. Ask the teacher to watch out for problems and notify the school principal and counsellor about your concerns.


Level 2 Brighton Montessori Tel: 6455 8830 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC $50 off monthly fees @ other centres Level 3 Imperial Court Pte Ltd Tel: 6553 2777 20% discount on a la carte menu

Level 1

Pat’s Schoolhouse Tel: 6459 2382 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC $50 off monthly fees @ other centres Beauty Face Wellness Spa Tel: 6554 1379 20% discount Geladiso Tel: 66358107

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10% discount on a la carte menu Muslim Delights Tel: 96330261 10% discount on a la carte menu

Level 4 Seventh Heaven KTV Tel: 6458 5026 20% discount

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salaries, to Singaporeans age 40 and over actively looking for a job for more than 12 months, while those seeking for a job for less than 12 months, 40% of their salaries will be foot by the government. However, the programme is only extended to workers earning $4,000 monthly (non SMES) and at least $3,600 monthly for SMEs. Although according to statistics the median salary of a Singaporean worker is about $4,000, the programme does not take into account the plights of thousands of unemployed Singaporeans earning less than $3,600 a month. A new Attach-and-Train programme is also introduced whereby workers get training and work attachment opportunities in advance of job placements, but these are restricted to certain industries and workers will face the stigma of working as temporary workers while they are in such programmes. There are also other courses available for the upgrading of job seekers but the reality is many a times, the job seeker will be burdened by the high course fees he has to fork out even with the $500 course credit. Not forgetting the not uncommon negative treatment from course trainers who instead of encouraging job seekers may condemn their efforts and quash their aspirations. Then there is the water price hike that led to the largest outcry from businesses and individuals: The rise will kick in July, increasing water prices by 30%. Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat reiterated that the water price hike would be defrayed by U-Save rebates and that the last time water prices were raised was in 2000. Although this led to speculations that the GST would also soon rise, Singaporeans should get consolation that the price hike will work out to be less than $11 a month for HDB dwellers. Workers’ Party Pritnam Singh (Aljunied GRC) highlighted that between 2002 and 2004 PUB managed to lower the cost of producing NEWater. He quoted that

The 2017 budget is seen as a continual one with efforts to tackle issues such as the cost of living for families, unemployment, a possible dearth in water resources, and help for the less privileged members of society. How the general public react to this latest budget appears to be somewhat of a mixed bag. First, the pro family policies that the budget continues to implement will naturally bring smiles to Singaporeans watching household expenditures as it lowers the cost of resale HDB flats, gives higher bursaries for post secondary students, increases infant care places and gives HDB dwellers U-Save rebates. Couples looking at owning their first homes through the purchase of resale HDB flats will receive more subsidies. The subsidy for 4-room or smaller flats has increased from $30,000 to $50,000 while the subsidy for 5-room or bigger flats has increased from $30,000 to $40,000. Post secondary students will receive increased bursaries amounting to add-ons of $400 for undergraduates, $350 for polytechnic students, and $200 for technical education students. Infant care places will also surge by 2020 to over 8,000. To offset the rise in water prices there is also a U-Save rebate amounting to a few hundreds annually for HDB households. Another facet that hits every Singaporean family and underlined by the budget, is rising unemployment. The present resident unemployment figure is at an all-time four-year high of 3%. Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say was caught in tears when he introduced new polices to tackle the issue. Obviously unemployment remains a huge concern the government has yet to alleviate. Under the budget, the Career Support Programme is enhanced to give additional salary payouts of up to 50% of their


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the Tuas Desalination plant was desalinating water at $0.78 per cubic metre, more affordably than a plant in Israel. Mr Singh also pinpointed that there seemed to be a discrepancy in government communications regarding water supply and prices: In 2013, the government’s stand was that there would not be a need to raise water prices. The government’s proposition is that Singapore has to rely more on desalination (which is more expensive than Newater) and there is a limit to how much used water could be treated in Newater plants. Another dire fact is that Johor’s Linggiu Reservoir water level has been falling drastically in the last three years and Malaysia may not renew the water pact when the deadline comes.

five years while Self-Help Groups get another $6 million in the next two years. All in all, the budget 2017 is seen by many as a continual plan to fix problems that Singaporean families face. There are many uncertainties ahead: new employment is getting scarce, costs of living are rising, and even basic needs such as water may be denied. No doubt, the government’s efforts are laudable but it can also get more feedback from the ground to learn if the policies it has implemented are actually working to come up with more effective ones to grapple with the future.

Also evident in the budget is the government’s effort in recent years to build a more inclusive society, taking into account the concerns of members of the less privileged in society. The government will fork out $400 million a year to prepare students with moderate intellectual and multiple disability for work as well as set up a caregiver support centre. Another $600 million will be used in the next five years on community health efforts including integrating more people with mental health issues into the workplace and society. In addition, more funding will be set aside for VWOs and charities amounting to $100 million in the next

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The GST Voucher-U-Save rebates for eligible HDB households will be increased by $40 to $120, depending on flat type. $120 Increase by up to


First-time buyers of resale flat get as much as up to $110,000 grant. $110,000

Price hike in water to be implemented in two phases – July 2017 & July 2018.

Increased Bursaries

$400 Million

$600 Million

$400 million a year to prepare students with moderate intellectual and multiple disability for work as well as set up a caregiver support centre.

$600 million to be used in the next five years on community health efforts including integrating more people with mental health issues into the workplace and society.

Post-secondary students to benefit from increased bursaries.


Attach and Train

$100 Million

New Attach-and-Train Programme introduced to provide training and attachment for workers in advance of employment.

Job seekers more than 40 years of age who have been looking for jobs for more than 12 months get 50% of salaries for half a year.

$100 million to be set aside for VWOs and charities in the next five years.

Throwback to TGC's CNY Lohei Dinner 2017, the members’ favourite annual event. An overwhelming 350 members and guests showed up to usher in the Year of the Rooster. The joyous event was held on 3 February 2017 at the Club’s Multi- Purpose Hall. The sit-down 10-course dinner was catered by Imperial Court, a tenant since 1998 and well-acclaimed for its Chinese cuisine. The evening’s programme was hosted by the duo emcees, Catherine Yap and Cyrus Chung. The event had a full celebration which included a lion dance performance, special appearance of the Rooster and God of Fortune mascots. There was the keenly anticipated tossing of Yu-Sheng for an auspicious start of the new year. Other programme highlights were fun games, a multi-language Getai performance, a comedy act by a ventriloquist and the well-received face-change performance. The event ended wonderfully with a grand lucky draw giving away travel packages to Hong Kong, Bang Kok and Genting Highlands. CHINESE NEW YEAR LOH Grassroots with passion 10

Grassroots with passion 11


Chinese New Year Bazaar Sales @ TGC

The inaugural Chinese New Year Bazaar Sales held on 14 January 2017 in conjunction with TGC's CNY celebration quickly became another hot favourite. TGC members who stopped by to patronise the 30 stalls selling a wide range of CNY snacks and cookies, household products, cosmetics and more, got to enjoy a 15% discount off their purchases as well as a chance to win at the hourly lucky draws. In addition, there was a one-hour fengshui sharing by Master Jian Rou Cheng, and at scheduled timeslots, members were treated to free calligraphy and muah-chee.


Grassroots with passion

24 March 2017, Friday was TGC’s barbecue night and a networking session between TGC members and fellow Grassroots Leaders. The event offered an ideal opportunity for the good turnout of 325 participants to mingle and share a good dinner spread of favourite barbeque dishes. Mr Joey Koh, Chairman, Membership Committee, thanked everyone for coming and gave a heads up on TGC’s upcoming plans and activities. The evening's programme then followed to include two rounds of Tombola game, a performance by the local Xinyao singers as well as the ever talented visually impaired singer, Mr Daniel Ng who got everyone to get on their feet and dance.

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Ensure the right start for your child’s early years. The love of learning. A creative mind. Confidence for the future.

98 % of parents approve of * Brighton Montessori parent’s survey 2015,of 167 respondents. Brighton’s curriculum and teaching quality *

Montessori Approach

Individualised Curriculum Regular Progress Updates

+65 6588 3883 |

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Muslim Delights Voted Singapore’s Top 5 “Nasi Padang Restaurants” by a local radio station, the halal restaurant is made famous by its fabulous offerings of nasi padang Indonesian style such as ayam masak merah, sotong hitam, sambal goreng and much more. Also known for its catering services, MUSLIM Delights was the choice of Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah whose wedding party in February 2015 hosted 3,000 guests, as well as Radio DJ Syah Ibrahim who hosted 6,000 guests at his November 2014 wedding. MUSLIM Delights at TGC will provide theme parties such as Penang Fair, BBQ Fiesta, Arabian Night and much more.



For booking or event enquiry please call

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Why drawing up a Will may NOT be the best solution?

Healthy Bones & Joints into Your 80s

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and then it is too late to put in action the proper

Join this health session covering an interactive hands-on technique that you will learn to ease the pain that you experience. • What your bones and joints need? Debunk the myths. • Knee Pain?What you need to know? • Simple action that makes a big difference. • Meridian Self-therapy techniques for your knees and joints.

planning to care for ourselves and our loved ones. Many people feel that doing up a Will is enough. However, sometimes a Will may not be the best solution.

Date: Time:

8 July 2017, Saturday 10.00am – 11.30am


Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 (Level 2) $3.00 (For TGC Members only)


Healthy bones and joints means freedom of movement and better quality of life.

Eugene is a sought-after speaker in the arena of Estate and Legacy Planning and is well known for his extensive knowledge and practical insights. He has also conducted seminars with the Ministry of Manpower and the Building Construction Authority of Singapore. Eugene is also seen on Mediacorp ‘Money Week’ and aired on FM938 Live-Moneywise. His attendees have labelled him as being humorous and clear in his presentations and they feel empowered with the know- hows after the session.

Date: 10 June 2017, Saturday Time: 1pm – 3pm Venue: Dance Studio (Level 2) Fee: $3.00 (ForTGC members only) Notes:  All participants are encouraged to wear shorts or pants that can easily be rolled up above the knee cap area.  Light refreshments will be provided after the seminar.  This event is strictly by registration only. Please register at our Front Office before the closing date.

Notes:  Light refreshments will be provided after the seminar.  This event is strictly by registration only. Please register at our Front Office before the closing date.

For more information, call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or email to Closing date: 3 July 2017

Closing date: 1 June 2017

For more information, call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or email to

Imagine chocolates in fifty flavours... is that even possible? Of course!! Invented in 2004 by our Chef Toussaint...the best chocolate recipes incorporated into a piece of chocolate. You can taste the difference right away. Premium cocoa beans from different origins, not just each bean, fine pralines and icings. Every day we think of tasty recipes again, what goes with what and in what proportions we bring them together? Our chocolate designers "cook" with real chocolate, as a real chef would do. Everything we make at ChCo is handmade. You just taste the difference every time.

One for 7.90 Two for 10.90

Imaginechocolates in fifty flavors... is thatevenpossible?Of course!! Invented in2004byourChefToussaint ... thebestchocolaterecipes incorporated intoapieceofchocolate.You


We have 2 new BBQ Grills available for use with 2 time slots everyday!

11am to 3pm 6pm to 10pm

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 for each unit per time slot will be collected upon confirmation of booking. Bookings must be made in person at our Front Office counter. For more information, call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or email to services@

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