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Find Someone to Push You

Who Will Push You Like Thomas Edison Pushed Henry Ford? The Bible first names him Joseph from Cyprus; later on, he becomes Barnabas the Encourager. He motivated and pushed Paul to do what others said could not be done: share the Word. We need a Barnabas in our businesses — one who is not only willing to sacrifice, but who will tell us what other people won’t. Today, it’s called a 360; however, I refer to it as a friend who is strong enough to push us and knows when to pull us through both good and bad times. Henry Ford needed Thomas Edison to push him when most people said a gas car would not work. Edison, when first meeting the young Ford, banged his fist on the table and said, “That’s the thing! You have it! Your car is self-contained and carries its own power plant.” Years after his unbelievable success, Ford said in a newspaper interview, “That bang on the table was worth worlds to me. No man up to then had given me any encouragement. The greatest inventive genius in the world had given me complete approval.” Ford knew then that he could do anything. Who believes in you and can, with the slam of their fist on a table or the touch of their hand on your back, make you feel like you can do anything? The news says we can’t, and even friends often say we can’t succeed. I encourage you to eliminate those around who are “victim thinkers” and stop watching CNN or other news sources that are continually negative. Find your Barnabas (or the Edison to your Ford) and make your dreams come true — not by

wishing, but by surrounding yourself with people who love you enough to push you beyond the possible. Remember: “impossible” is just someone’s opinion.

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–Dave Tester


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