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Are youWorried About your Knee Health?

Haveyounoticedmorepopping,grindingoreven pain inyourkneeswhenyoubend,squatorkneel? Thiscanbeasignofadvancingstagesofarthritis. Asthe largest joint inyourbody,thekneetakeson itsfairshareof impact.Notsurprisingly,kneepain isacommoncomplaintamongpeopleofallages. Themostcommoncauses include inflammation causedby improper liftingofheavyobjects,poor flexibility, bad shoes, muscle weakness, starting high-impactfitnessroutineswithoutwarmingup and structural knee problems, such as arthritis,

lessexpensivethanatotal jointreplacement!(2) How can a physical therapist help? Based on the findings of your evaluation, your physical therapist will develop a customized rehabilitation program to ensure a safe return to your desired activities. Your therapist will applymanual (hands-on) therapy togentlyguide movement of the knee area to restore joint and tissue mobility. Specificstrengthening,flexibility,andendurance exercises will be prescribed to address your specific needs and goals. These exercises may also may include balance and coordination exercises. And lastly, your physical therapist will design a safe and effective home-exercise programbasedonyourspecificcondition,which you can continue long after your formal physical therapy sessions have ended.

Put your knees on the right path to health with a visit to your physical therapist. If your knees are feeling tight, stiff, weak, or are just starting to bother you, come see us, before it becomes a REAL problem. Call us today and talk to your physical therapist about your knees.

torn cartilage or ligament damage Will I need surgery for my knees?

Call us today and talk to your physical therapist about your knees.

The good news is that recent studies show 60- 70% of knee osteoarthritis patients can avoid surgery by getting PT first (1). In fact, surgery should always be considered as a last resort after conservative measures have been tried. Furthermore,physicaltherapy isactually40times

(1).KatzJN,BrophyRH,ChaissonCE,etal.Surgeryversusphysical therapy forameniscal tearandosteoarthritis.NEnglJMed.2013 (2).

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