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“ Now, I amback tomy normal activities: running, weight training, andworking- pain free!”

“I came here when I started having pain in my right knee and Nick immediately showed me how systemic the problem really was. He did a great job at educating me on my injury and giving me the tools to improve and avoid another injury. When I came in I had issues kneeling, going up and down stairs and sitting for long periods of time. With stretching, strength training and the guidance of Nick and Nick, I finally am pain free! I am finally am able to run again and I can only thank The Training Room for this!”

-Ronald Patrick

Single-Leg Squat Test

This is a single test for lower extremity mobility and stability as both of these are linked. Stand and then balance on one foot (the side you want to test). Perform a single- leg squat while trying to keep your body as straight as possible. If you’re able to balance so that your knee is directly under your hip for about one-half of the deep knee bend and the return up, then you pass the test on that side. If you must tilt your

body over to that side and/or your knee drives inward, you likely have a problem in your ankle mobility and/or hip and knee stability. These deficits can lead to pain and dysfunction limiting your ability to squat, climb stairs and run.  If you did not pass this test and want more info on what’s going on with your body, feel free to give us a call. We are offering a free movement screen by our physical therapists for the first 20 people that call to schedule 856-874-1166.

Concussion Rehab is back at The Training Room!!! The Training Room of Haddonfield is now seeing patients who are suffering from concussions. Our new therapist, Anne Diaz-Arrastia, PT, DPT has been studying and treating those affected by concussions and is ready to help you down the road to recovery.

If your physician has recommended PT for your concussion symptoms, or you believe you have sustained a concussion, give us a call in Haddonfield today! 856.616.8000

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