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6 Simple Steps ToMake Your Knees Feel Great

Kneepaindoesn’thave toslowyoudown.Therearemanyways tonaturally relieve knee pain, and get your joints moving the way they should. Here are some tips to help your knees feel great: 1.Strengthenyourhipandquadricepmuscles –Doexercisestostrengthen theouterhipandyourgluteusmuscles.Thestrongeryourhipsare,thebetter supportedyourkneesare. Inaddition,thequadricepsmuscleshelptosupport the knee joints. Talk to your physical therapist about which strengthening exercises are right for you. 2. Stretch your legs – Focus on the hamstrings, quads, inner thighs and calves. By stretching these muscles we can alleviate excesses pull at the knee and knee cap. Try this stretch: while on your back on the floor, with your toes puled up to your nose, slowly lift you leg in the air until you feel a stretch in the back of your knee, but be gentle! Hold for a good 30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times in a row on both sides. 3. Get your kneecap moving – Freely moving patellas (kneecaps), are a signofgoodkneehealth. Inasittingpositionwithyour legoutstraight,hold onto your kneecap and gently push it down towards your toes and back up towards your head. This should not hurt! Repeat 10 times each direction and then do side to side. Repeat 2-3 times in the day.

4. Keep Moving – Staying active can help control weight and build muscle, both of which can help promote knee health.The best exercises for people who may be concerned about knee problems include nonimpact aerobic exercises,suchaswalkingon levelground,trainingonanellipticalmachine, using a stationary bike, swimming and doing water aerobics. 5. Ice and heat – Heat helps with circulation flow, and feels great to soothe arthritic knees. A hot soak in the bath can go a long way to soothing aching knees. However, if your knees tend to swell after being on your feet for too long, use an icepack wrapped in a pillowcase for about 10-15 minutes.This reduces pain; be sure to check your skin regularly to make sure it does not get very red. 6.Getaregularphysicaltherapycheckup –Thinkofyourphysicaltherapist asthemechanicforyourbody.Giveyourkneesandbodyaregularcheckup. Weevaluate themovementofyour jointsandpreventproblemsbefore they really begin to develop. Regular visits to your physical therapist can make a difference in the long-term health of your knee joints, and keep you from spending a fortune on more expensive and invasive procedures.

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