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August 2018

There’s a Right Way to Cook a Steak

And It’s Not Well-Done

It’s always interesting learning about different preferences, but when it comes to meat, the various likings take on a unique tone. For the most part, it’s not quite as divisive as religion or politics — most people keep a pretty level head if someone likes a steak done differently than them. But there are certain times when a deep-rooted emotional reaction comes out that can’t quite be explained. My personal belief is the bloodier, the better. Give me a mooing cut of KC strip, and I’m in heaven. I’ll prepare it with a little bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. No marinades; just something simple and to-the-point. This lets the beef do the talking. My wife is more in the medium camp unless she’s pregnant. During both of the pregnancies, steaks, burgers, and pretty much red meat in general were all off the table because she had to have the meat cooked well-done. It defeated the purpose for both of us. If she’s deprived, then I’m deprived. So the whole time she was pregnant, steak was not on the menu. prepare the “perfect” steak. Alternatively, what are your favorite KC steak joints? Sadly, some of our favorite spots, such as The Savoy, Plaza III, and Houston’s, have all recently shuttered their doors, so we are on the lookout for some new go-to spots. Drop us a comment on our Facebook page, Facebook.com/kcestateworks, to let us know your favorite recipes and haunts. Happy summer! With grilling season in full swing, I am curious to hear your thoughts on how to grill and

I distinctly remember a moment that helped me realize that everyone has a different opinion on the right way to eat a steak. When Al and I were still living in Salina, we would frequent a local restaurant called Tuscon’s. At the time, it was one of the few locally owned establishments where you could go to grab a steak. One day, a woman from out of town came barreling into the joint. She was boisterous and had one of those distinct personalities that draw attention. The fact that it was a small restaurant only amplified her gregariousness and left a lot of patrons with no choice but to focus on her. When she sat down, she told the waiter, “I heard the Midwest has the best steaks. I’m here

to have the best steak in the world.” So the waiter began explaining to her the different cuts and what her best option was. She made a decision, and the waiter politely asked how she wanted it cooked. “Well- done,” she said. Part of me died inside at that moment. Why order the best steak in the world if you’re just going to char it beyond recognition? “Why order the best steak in the world if you’re just going to char it beyond recognition?”

-John Thompson

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