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RELIEVING NECK PAIN NATURALLY “Look Up To A Pain Free &Active Lifestyle!”

• Radiculopathy: This condition develops when pressure or irritation develops in the nerves of the neck.Thiscondition isoftencausedbybulgingdiscs in the cervical spine. This sort of pain will often manifest as numbness or tingling in the neck with corresponding radicular symptoms that can travel to the shoulders, arms and hands. Understanding Neck Pain As many as two-thirds of adults will struggle with neck pain at some point in their lifetime. This is a common problem, one that can result through the wear and tear of everyday activities or from a traumatic injury.Whiletherearesomesituationsthat areassociatedwith increasedriskofneckpain,such asbeing inacaraccidentoraslipand fall, thereare alsoanumberofeverydayactivities thatcancause neckpain.Workingwithyourphysical therapistcan help you avoid these situations, and can help you overcome neck pain with strategic exercises and stretches to help improve your quality of life. Manypeopleareunawareofhoweasy it isto increase yourriskofneckpainbysimplysleeping in improper positions. Certain sleeping positions, as well as

Neckpainhasthepowerto interferewithyourquality of life, making it difficult to work, complete your commute across town, and even sleep at night. There are many different reasons why your neck maybegin tohurt,and theexactcauseofyourneck pain will determine the length and severity of your pain episodes. Developing as either a dull but constant ache, or a sharp pain that becomes severe with movement, neck pain is highly uncomfortable, and in some instancescanbeasymptomofmoreseriousdamage to the neck or spine. Common causes of neck pain include: • Degenerative Disc Disease: This is a chronic condition in which the discs, which are fluid-filled sacssitting in-betweenthecervicalvertebrae,begin todegenerate,allowingbonesand jointstopainfully rub against one another. • Muscle Strain: Injury to your neck or spine may result in a muscle strain, causing the muscles in your neck to spasm painfully. • Mechanical Neck Pain: This is an umbrella term assignedwhenthere isanydamageordeterioration to neck joints.

using an improper pillow or an old mattress, can result in neck pain. To reduce your risk of neck pain, it is helpful to make sure your sleeping arrangements meet the following guidelines: • Try to sleep on your side or back, and not on your stomach, as this forces you to sleep with your neck in positions that leave it susceptible to injury. • Use one, or at most two pillows to help keep your neck in alignment as you are lying down. •Yourmattressshouldbefirm,withasoftpillowtop or layerofcushioningtoaccommodateyourcomfort level. Too soft of a mattress can put your neck in compromising positions. Neck pain is common, but that does not mean that this is an issue you need to accept and continually put up with. The earlier you find treatment for neck pain, the faster you’ll be able to recover and find yourself living pain-free once again. Contact us at South Toledo PT for more information about overcoming and alleviating neck pain!

Patient Success Spotlight

“When I started at South Toledo PT I was having severe neck pain as well as numbness and tingling down my left arm and into my hand. After only 3 or 4 visits my symptoms were half of what they originally were, and by the 8th visit they were gone! I want to thank Aaron and the staff at South Toledo for helping me! I can finally sleep through the night again!” - Cynthia N. I can finally sleep through the night!

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