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The Changing Nature of Our Lives Means Our Practice Must Adapt

Our first expansion of hours came when we started to offer early morning appointments. Soon after, we added time slots after school and working hours. These were easy additions, but opening on Saturday was a peskier initiative. The biggest stumbling block was staffing for PTs and our front desk staff. I would never expand our hours if I thought it would cause a dip in our standard of care. Finding the right people who’d also be willing to work on a weekend proved tougher than we thought. Eventually, though, we just had to do it. It was no longer posed as a question, but instead taken seriously as an obligation. It’s our job to provide the best possible care to our patients, and that includes making it easy for them to come to appointments. We can’t ignore these scheduling concerns if we want to live out our company values. Another reason we knew it had to happen soon was the simple fact that our appointment calendar is fully booked almost all of the time. I want to serve the same community that’s been with us from the start, so I’d much rather be open more than open another location. I can’t help but compare our desire to meet the changing needs of our patients to the way Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have managed to stay at the top of the NFL for longer than anyone would’ve guessed. They’ve never rested on their laurels. Instead, they’ve been one step ahead by constantly evolving. We strive to embody the same Super Bowl-winning mentality here at Professional Physical Therapy.

I’m just going to get the big news out of the way and let you know that we’ll be opening on Saturdays beginning in March. I was thinking of a clever way to set up the announcement — a new initiative takes root this spring, or something like that — but I decided it would be best to just go out and say it at the very start of this month’s newsletter. Expanding our hours to include Saturdays had been on our radar for a while. It’s a change patients have been requesting a lot recently, and we’ve wracked our brains for at least a year to devise a way to make it work. This year, instead of hashing everything out in advance, we said, “We just have to make it work.” That change of mindset inspired us to stop looking for reasons we couldn’t do it and start taking action to make it happen. “It’s our job to provide the best possible care to our patients, and that includes making it easy for them to come to appointments.We can’t ignore these scheduling concerns if we want to live out our company values. ” When I opened Professional Physical Therapy 27 years ago, it was unheard of for a physical therapy practice to be open beyond the standard nine- to-five, Monday through Friday schedule. Honestly, there wasn’t much of a need to be open any longer. At the time, most patients had no trouble sneaking away from work in the middle of the day for an appointment. Not long after we opened, however, that started to change. The nature of the workforce is different than it was in the ‘90s. Today employees are asked to work longer hours than ever before, and breaks aren’t a given like they once were. Furthermore, the vast majority of our patients come from dual-income households, which would’ve been unthinkable back in our early days. As these trends have become widespread, we’ve adapted apace.

That’s how we put the plan of opening on Saturdays into motion. The only question now is this: Will you join us?

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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The rise in popularity of game-streaming platforms like Twitch — a service seemingly only used by snarky teens playing under quirky aliases — has paved the way for a whole new generation of video game enthusiasts. They just might not be the type you had in mind. Clips and articles are popping up online showcasing how older generations of tech aficionados have taken to gaming en masse. Long gone are the days of grandparents calling grandsons in frustration to ask how to send an email. The current generation of seniors bucks the stereotypical ignorance of technology, embracing hand-held controllers and battle cries as they take on their decades-younger counterparts in the digital arena. One team in particular has stolen the spotlight of late: The Silver Snipers, bringers of destruction in “Counter-Strike” leagues around the world. The team from Stockholm, Sweden, took their talents to the stage of Dreamhack 2017, an esports tournament, where they battled it out against some of the world’s most skilled esports players. Their mission was simple: to show the world that gaming is for people of all ages. Each member picked up the game for different reasons; some played as a way to connect to their grandkids, while others did it to pass the time. One thing’s for certain: This alliance has turned into a hellscape for their opponents. Game-fully Employed Turning to Video Games After Retirement

With every team member being over the age of 60, the combination of BirDie, Windy, Knitting Knight, Teen Slayer, and Berra Bang — all gaming aliases — has proved to be a first-of-its-kind powerhouse in the growing circle of older gamers. As one member explained, the game is not just for having fun. Gaming has given the team a chance to connect and be a part of a massive worldwide community. The gameplay also allows for mental exercise. It offers teamwork challenges and improves cognitive function, multitasking skills, and reflexes.

If The Silver Snipers are passing along one message, it’s that you’re never too young for an old-fashioned digital beat down.


of the Month


provide funds to them, I do without hesitation. (So, thank you to Professional PT for this amazing donation!)” Debra Deb has come a long way in her rehab and has kept a positive attitude. There have been ups and downs throughout the process, but Deb has always stuck with the plan, and we are so happy with where she is today. Deb was an easy choice for Patient of the Month, even though she gets Dr. Patt mad when talking about LeBron James. –

“My father was diagnosed with MS when I was 2 years old, so it has always been a charity that is incredibly near and dear to my heart. He is the strongest person I know, and I love him more than anything. He never complains, and he always works hard to be as independent as possible. Looking at his medical history on paper, you wouldn’t think he could do the amazing things he does. He is an inspiration. I’ve done numerous walks (including the 50-mile, three-day MS Challenge Walk seven or eight times), mud runs, and other events to raise money for the treatment and cure of MS. The National MS Society is an incredible resource for anyone living with this horrible disease. Any time I can

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Professional Physical Therapy is now accepting appointments on Saturday. These spots are sure to fill up quickly, so activate your best no-huddle offense and gives us a call today.



P.S. We totally planned this to coincide with the Pats’ 6th ring. We even called Bill the night before the big game and let him know how much our patients were counting on him and the team. Clearly, it worked.

Tips for Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Dine Out Without the Guilt

soda, it can be just as true of mixed drinks, which often have sweeteners in them. Wine won’t pack as many calories, and red wine is also good for your heart when consumed in moderation. LOOK AT THE SUPPORTING ITEMS Normally, an entree on a menu will list the main component first, followed by the supplementary ones. It’s important to read everything before you decide. Chicken may seem better than pork, but that will be undercut if it’s accompanied by potatoes instead of collard greens. Most chefs will be happy to swap out the protein on a dish for another, so don’t be afraid to ask. SHARE APPETIZERS There’s no ironclad rule that states there must be one appetizer for every diner. Order a few for the table and share them. Not only will you get to try more items, but you’re also more likely to still be hungry when the main course comes.

Even people who diligently plan the majority of their meals can struggle when eating at restaurants. Unlike in your own kitchen, you can’t carefully monitor every ingredient that winds up on your plate. Instead, you have to be mindful of your selections in order to avoid backsliding on your nutrition goals. Done well, eating out doesn’t have to be a sinful indulgence. Here’s how to enjoy a restaurant meal without the guilt.

SKIP THE CHAINS Large restaurant chains are the most likely to use heavily processed and adulterated ingredients. Foods not made from scratch tend to have exponentially higher amounts of sugar, sodium, and other harmful additives. Even french fries — nobody’s idea of a healthy snack — are going to be more nutritious when made by hand. Skip the big chains and support local restaurants to avoid the worst of the worst.

DRINK WINE, NOT COCKTAILS You’ve probably been told 1,000 times that drinking your calories is wasteful and unhealthy. While that’s normally discussed in the context of


“Prior to starting therapy, I was in pain every day and could not engage in activities such as lifting and basketball without discomfort. After a few weeks, the pain and stiffness disappeared, and I am back to doing activities without limitation. Alex and the rest of the staff have been great. They are knowledgeable and always take their time to explain what is causing the discomfort and why specific exercises will help.”

Asparagus & Avocado Soup

–David Sorgman


Inspired by

1 avocado, peeled, pitted, and cubed Juice of 1/2 lemon 1 tablespoon ghee or coconut oil Salt and pepper, to taste

• • •

12 ounces asparagus 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 2 cups chicken stock

“After I hurt my right shoulder two years ago, I came to Professional Physical Therapy, and they did a fantastic job. So when I hurt my left shoulder, I knew exactly where to go! Everyone here is so wonderful, and I am so glad that I came here!”

• •

Directions 1. Heat oven to 425 F. 2. On a large rimmed baking sheet, toss asparagus and garlic with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast for 10 minutes. 3. Transfer asparagus to blender. Add remaining ingredients and puree until smooth. 4. Season to taste and serve.

–Kaylee Myers

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Thank you for being part of the Professional Physical Therapy family!


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brownies, and pour yourself a mug full of hot chocolate or cider to get through the stormy day.

READ A BOOK If you have a bookshelf full of novels you’ve not cracked open, a rainy day is the perfect time to jump in. Settle down on the sofa with a cuddly blanket and enjoy some uninterrupted reading. The rain smattering against your windows creates the perfect background noise to delve into the pages of a new adventure. CREATE YOUR OWN FILM FESTIVAL Having a movie or TV series marathon is another great way to pass the time. You can watch some of the classics, like “Forrest Gump” or “Singing in the Rain,” fill the day with “The Lord of the Rings” series, or start a new Netflix show. If you want to involve your kids in the binge-watching, you can let them pick out one of their favorite movies too. PIECE TOGETHER A PUZZLE A rainy day is a great opportunity to pull out a puzzle. You can also grab your friends or family members and make the puzzle a team activity. With the whole day ahead of you, you’ll have several hours to devote to one of your favorite hobbies.

As the weather warms up, the urge to get out of the house becomes stronger. However, any plans you might have can be abruptly canceled due to rain. If you find yourself stuck inside for the day, here are a few activities to keep you occupied. GET BAKIN’ A wet and chilly day is an excellent opportunity to warm yourself up with some baked goods. Bake your favorite snickerdoodle cookies or fudge

Don’t let the rain keep you down! Instead, take advantage of the weather and enjoy a cozy day at home.

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