African SMEs’ Performance and Behaviors during COVID-19

Figure 2.40: Internet Failures

It appears from the graph above that slow Internet connection is the most frustrating Internet failure (71,3%), followed by frequent disconnections (56,2%), followed by No Internet access for days or weeks! (32,7%) and then incorrect billing (23,1%). Finally, unhappy experience with the call center service also pulled 17,5% of unhappy SMEs. The Other category of Internet failures, 2 respondents named their dissatisfaction with the practice of high pricing.

G- Wired vs Wireless Internet

On the preference of wired versus wireless broadband, a vast majority of our respondents (81,7%) acknowledged the preference of a wireless broadband, for more mobility fexibility and area coverage.

Figure 2.41: Wireless vs wired Internet

H- Subscription Activation

When asked “ How long did it take the broadband ISP to activate your subscription? ” most respondents seemed to be up and running within 1 business day which refects a speedy activation cycle.

Figure 2.42: Internet Activation


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