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Antipodes Maya Hyaluronic 72-Hour Hydration Serum Replenish and quench thirsty skin with Antipodes new Maya Hyaluronic 72-Hour Hydration Serum. This silky light, certified organic serum harnesses the power of plant-based hyaluronic acid and a clinically proven ma- rine algae compound Pheohy- drane – a blend of green algae, marine sugars, and mineral-rich sea water which provides up to 72 hours of continual hydration. Maya Hyaluronic 72-Hour Hydration Serum also features bamboo ferment, a natural source of antioxidants, to impart a wide range of regenerative benefits for the skin while harakeke flax, known as ‘New Zealand’s aloe vera’, teams with cucumber and kangaroo paw flower to deliver soft, supple skin. With one in two people citing dehydration as a skin con-

INSIDE OUT BEAUTY Sherna Malone Skincare and beauty expert Sherna Malone shares her knowledge and expertise of all things beauty – from skin care do’s and don’ts to the latest products out there.

cine, Trinity College Dublin. “Care leavers have the experience so they can help have the right focus, ask the right questions, in the right way, and in advising us on how to reach care leavers from many different backgrounds so that we capture the full range of care leaver stories.” Professor Robbie Gilligan, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity added: “Later this year, we will be talking to care leavers about their experiences since they left care. But now we are doing the Bumble & Bumble have expanded their thickening collection to create bigger, bouncier, bolder styles that speak volume(s) without saying a word! This translucent finish - ing spray instantly inflates your voluminous style with tenacious KASH Beauty Lip Oil If you’re new to lip oils, get ready to find your beauty bestie! Combining the soothing hydration of lip balms with the beautiful shine of lip glosses, the Kash Lip Oil collection is the ultimate indulgence in lip care. The two latest shades – ‘Hey Honey’, a stunning nude pigmented finished with a hon - ey scent, and ‘Sweet Dreams’, a sweet scented, pink shade are guaranteed to be a sell-out. Enriched with a unique blend of nourishing oils and hydrating ingredients, they deliver intense moisture, leaving lips feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated. Their lightweight formula glides on effortlessly, providing instant hydration and a subtle shine without any sticky residue. Whether you’re battling dryness or simply seeking a luxurious treat for your lips, Kash Lip Oil promises to be your new go-to solution, €14.95, available to buy online from kashbeauty. com and stockists nationwide. Bumble & Bumble Thicken- ing Dry Spun Light Texture

cern, this is your secret weapon for a dewy complexion, €45, available to buy online from REN Radiance PHA Exfoliat - ing Facial Glow without irritation with the new Radiance PHA Exfoli- ating Facial from REN. This 2-minute triple-action PHA exfoliating facial, formulated for sensitive skin is powered by a blend of chemical, enzymatic and physical exfoliants – natu- rally derived PHA, Pomegran- ate Enzymes and Pomegranate Powder – the non-stripping formula is proven to instantly brighten, smooth and refine skin texture. PHAs, also known as Poly Hydroxy Acids, have a larger molecular weight than AHAs or BHAs, which means that they do not penetrate as deeply into the skin but rather work exclusively on the skin’s surface; making them less sensi- tising and gentler as compared to other chemical exfoliants. Results from a user trial found 95% said skin feels softer and smoother, 94 per cent said skin is brighter and glowing and 90 per cent said skin texture is refined, €38, available to buy online from and REN stockists nationwide.

planning work to ensure we cover the key issues and in a way that best suits the needs of care leavers who take part. This workshop is a vital part of that planning. It is a big honour to be the researchers in this study – but it is the care leavers who take part who will ensure the study has value for policy makers.” The planning workshop will be held on Friday, April 26, 2024 (12-2pm), at the TRISS Seminar Room, Arts Building, Trinity. The workshop will invite care leavers to share their ideas, provide feed- back on the study plans and help CBD Face Serum is the latest Yon-Ka innovation designed to combat skin damage caused by stress and lack of sleep. An oleo-serum composed of 99.9 per cent natural ingredients, containing 300 mg of pure CBD, and enriched with sacred Lotus and adaptogenic Reishi to ensure maximum effective- ness. Promoting improved skin quality and reduced wrinkles Serum CBD uniquely adapts to each skin type by offering a self-adaptive formula. Skin is visibly de-stressed, looking more beautiful and radiating new youthfulness. Like a true yogi master, it relaxes body and soul, re-harmonises, and soothes the skin. A serum which goes beyond traditional expectations and also acts on your emotions with a significant texture. If fuller styles are for you, push them further with the instant texture of this must-have mist - a soft, airy, tousled look that gives can’t-stop won’t-stop airy dimension and flexible movement. Made translucent and with soft hold, this lighter take on their pro-fave Dryspun Texture Spray is loved by medium to thick hair that craves texture (but likes it soft), €35, available to buy online from and Bumble & Bumble stockists nationwide. YonKa Serum CBD

tailor the research to best reflect their experiences. Participants will be compensated for travel ex- penses and receive a gift voucher for their valuable contributions. To participate, individuals must be over the age of 18 and have experience living in state care in Ireland (foster or residential). Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the research team at careleavers- or via phone at 086 2006448. More information is available on the study’s website at www.careleavers10yearson. com strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and provides 24-hour hydration. Available in pharmacies nationwide, the latest products are offered as an extension to the existing Aveeno Calm + Restore daily face care range, dermatologist tested and designed with sensitive skin in mind. reduction in vocal stress load within 28 days, €110, available to buy online from and YonKa stockists nationwide. Aveeno Calm + Restore Face Care Range Aveeno understands that those experiencing sensitive skin want an exfoliator that leaves skin feeling smooth and renews the skin surface, while also being gentle and respecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The new Calm + Restore Gentle PHA Exfoliating Cleanser (€12.99) formulated with Nour- ishing Oat Oil, naturally rich in lipids, and Hydrating PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid), does exact- ly that while the new ultra-rich multi-benefit nourishing Oat Rich Balm (€15.99) formulated with Triple Oat Complex and Ceramides, is clinically proven to help five signs of dry skin: tightness, roughness, irritation, flakiness, and scaling. The balm deeply moisturises to help

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Can you help researchers design a new study about experiences of foster and residential care?

H ave you lived in state College Dublin and University of Sussex want to hear your ideas as they develop a major new study of how care leavers found life after they left residential or foster care. care as a teenager? If so, researchers in Trinity

The study ‘Care Leavers – Ten Years On’, will be the first in Ireland to address the experiences of ‘graduates’ of the care system in adult life, in terms of education, family, work, housing, health and well-being. Researchers are inviting care leavers to a workshop in Trinity

on Friday [April 26] to work out the best ways to set up the study in a way that is relevant to the lives of care leavers. “We really want to learn from care leavers themselves, what they found challenging or helpful about their experiences,” explains Dr Sarah Parker, School of Medi-

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