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Getting To KnowThe Valley Rehab Center Staff MARY URACO, WELLNESS COACH

“ I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health” -Voltaire Mary Uraco has been a licensed, certified health provider since 1979. Her positive energy, warm smile and passion for helping others is quickly evidenced by all those she meets. She became

presentations, motivational speaking, meditation classes and health coaching, Mary enjoys family life and healthy hobbies.

“If you want to soar in life You must learn to F.L.Y. (First love yourself)” -Mark Sterling

Her services are available in person, via phone or online. View her website at: Follow her on Facebook: Wholesome halo health coach or leave an email at Valley Rehab Center Opens NEW FACILITY With Focus On Wellness Valley Rehab Center has moved to 3050 Guernsey St., Bellaire, Ohio. Our new, larger facility gives us the opportunity to expand our current Physical Therapy Services to include Wellness Programs on Disease Management and Lifestyle Modification. Mary Uraco, a Certified Wellness Coach will be joining our team as an independent contractor, to assist our clients in meeting their Wellness goals. Our Healthe Habits for Living program will assist clients in managing their weight and co-morbidities of hypertension, diabetes and obesity. To complete our Wellness menu we will continue to offer our monthly Massage and Tune Up Program along with Yoga and Meditation Classes. In 2018 we will continue our free Workshop Wednesdays. The second Wednesday of each month will focus on a disease management topic and the fourth Wednesday will focus on a Wellness topic. To get further details and a schedule of events contact us at (740) 325-1120.

a RN in 1979, a CRNA in 1993, a Certified Health Coach(CHC) in 2016, and a Certified Essential Oil Coach (CEOC) in 2017. Her health coaching specialties include “Gastroparesis Health Coach” (which also includes other “invisible” illnesses) and “Prime- time Health Coach” (age 50 and above). Her unique coaching style emphasizes a positive attitude and overall well-being; physical, mental and spiritual. Mary’s knowledge of essential oils serves as a valuable adjunct to her health coaching. She received her BS degree from Wheeling Jesuit University, and a MS of Biology from California University of PA. She is a graduate of The Dr Sears Wellness Institute, The Dr Axe Essential Oil Institute, and possesses certificates as a meditation instructor. She is a board certified drugless practitioner. Her strong medical background, degrees in the health sciences, and extensive experience allows her to customize a unique “L.E.A.N.” (Lifestyle-Exercise- Attitude-Nutrition) plan for her clients, based on their individual goals and needs. In addition to her wellness

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