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I ’m not a heavy drinker by any means, but when I do drink the occasional beer or head out for a night with my wife and our friends, I enjoy a really smooth, quality, locally made beer. Anyone who is a fan of the beer scene in Pennsylvania knows we live in a pretty good region for local brews with a unique flair. Between Victory Brewing Company’s nearly 25 years of brewing success and seasonal favorites and local newcomers like 2SP pushing beyond the fold, there’s a space and a brew for all tastes. While we don’t always get the chance to do so, my wife and I enjoy having a beer or two at our favorite local spots. Of course, we also enjoy a few others beyond our regular places, such as Iron Hill. My wife is also big on Untappd, and she logs every beer she has on the app. Untappd is a social media platform where fellow beer lovers can rate their favorite brews and get insight into what others have liked. It’s great for discovering a new beer or keeping track of the many craft beer options out there. I use the app sometimes, but my wife is religious when it comes to tracking her beer online. And while we can both appreciate a good beer, we have very different tastes when it comes to what’s in our glasses. My wife likes wheat IPAs, which are heavy on the bitter flavors and often have a golden color. Meanwhile, I like smooth, creamy, and dark beer. I really enjoy a nice Guinness or coffee stouts. I want a beer that has that malty flavor and goes down easy, without being loaded with carbonation. Now, as much as I am a fan of drinking quality craft beer, I could never make it myself, especially when I see the complicated process of creating a stout! I do have a few

"... there’s no better way to enjoy a beer than at a local brewery surrounded by friends or family."

friends who brew their own beer and a few who even make their own wine. While I’m glad they found a passion for it — and have developed some really interesting and tasty drinks — I think my talents are better used as a taste-tester instead of brewer. But regardless of what’s on tap, there’s no better way to enjoy a beer than at a local brewery surrounded by friends and family. It’s not so much about the hops that were used in the brews or the flavor profile of our favorite seasonal batches. Instead, it’s about enjoying a relaxing night together in a community-focused area. Breweries encourage people to come together, and they have a unique ability to create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. We may not get out as much as we’d like, but the moments we spend at these spots have given some great memories to my wife and me. They’re more memorable than what was poured, and that’s the power of taprooms and the great, locally brewed beer they pour. Cheers!

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