Now in Rockland.

Fast downloads. Fast uploads. Affordable price.

With Bell Fibe Internet now in your area, you can enjoy a better Internet experience. Whether you are uploading content like pics on Facebook ® and videos on YouTube,™ or downloading content, like shows, movies and music, Bell is the only provider that gives you fast speeds no matter what you do online, all at a price you can afford. 1 Upgrade today and get:


$ 29 95/MO. All monthly fees included. A one-time $49.95activation fee applies. for 6 months


$36.95/mo. thereafter, in a bundle. 2


Offer ends October 28, 2012. Available to residential customers in Ontario, where access and technology permit. E-billing is provided at no cost, paper billing is available for $2/month. Modem rental required; one-time modem rental fee waived for new customers. 30-day notice required to cancel service. Fibe Internet 5/1: data usage 15 GB/mo.; $2.50/additional GB (max.$80/mo.)–actualspeedswillvarydependingon thedistancebetween thecustomer’smodemandswitchingequipment fromBell:5Mbpsdownloadspeedsandmin.680Kbpsandmax.1Mbpsuploadspeeds.Subject tochangewithoutnoticeandcannotbecombinedwithanyotheroffer.Taxesextra.Otherconditionsapply.BellBundlesaresubject to theBellBundleProgram terms and conditions The Bell Bundle Program, or any portion of it including the Bundle Discount or Discountable Services may be modified, discontinued or terminated at any time. Bell is not obligated to provide the Bundle Discount for the duration of any term contract for Eligible Services, including the Discountable Services. (1) Current as of September 11, 2012. Comparison between comparably priced services: Bell Fibe Internet 15/10 (up to 15 Mbps in download and up to 10 Mbps in upload) and Rogers Express Internet (up to 18 Mbps in download and up to 0.5 Mbps in upload). (2) Available to new customers and current dial-up customers with an account in good standing who continuously subscribe to a bundle with Bell Fibe Internet 5/1 and at least one other select service; see Promotional $29.95 monthly rate: $40.95, less $7 credit for months 1 to 6, less $4 bundle discount. Regular $36.95/mo. rate applies thereafter. Fibe is a trademark of Bell Canada. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, inc. YouTube is a trademark of YouTube, LLC.

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