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Bursaries and Scholarships

Over 35% of boys are supported with financial awards at Dulwich College

About Dulwich College Dulwich College is one of the UK’s leading independent schools for boys aged 7 to 18. It is recognised for its academic excellence, its celebration of learning beyond the classroom and its commitment to the promotion of sport, the arts and entrepreneurial activities. It is also renowned for its confident yet unpretentious boys, and its diverse and welcoming community. The boys, their families and our staff come from many different and interesting backgrounds. Enabling families with academically minded boys from all social and ethnic backgrounds to consider applying to Dulwich College, irrespective of their financial means, is, and always has been, one of our core objectives.

Each year over £3m is granted to support Bursaries and around £1m is awarded in Scholarships Funding for Bursaries is drawn mainly from the income distribution of the Dulwich Estate and from the generous benefactors of the Dulwich College Bursary Fund

A Dulwich Education Our aim is to develop the natural talents and abilities of each boy, giving them the opportunity to excel in every aspect of life. Through a broad and challenging range of activities - academic, sporting, cultural and co-curricular - we help them to become confident, courteous and responsible individuals at ease with themselves and ready for the world, beyond school. The members of our teaching staff are highly experienced and passionate about their subjects, and class sizes are small with around 18 or 20 boys in classes in Years 7 to 11 and eight to 12 at A level. Dulwich College facilities include brand new laboratories, a theatre, music rooms, art studios, a sports centre and a beautiful campus of 75 acres.

“The breadth of interests and talents developed by the boys is notable; they also learn tolerance and respect for each other, which sets them up for a life of opportunity.”

Dr Joe Spence Master of Dulwich College

What is a Dulwich College Bursary? A Dulwich College bursary is the offer of financial assistance to cover the cost of fees - in full or in part. Bursaries range from 10% of fees to 100% of fees. The majority of awards are between 75% and 100%. Who is eligible for a Dulwich College Bursary? Bursaries provide support to the families of boys who pass the entrance examinations and interview and are offered a place, but whose financial circumstances mean they cannot afford to pay (in full or in part) the school fees. A Dulwich College bursary is means-tested. In making an award, the College’s Bursary Committee takes into account family income and assets. What are the criteria for being offered a place at Dulwich College? Boys who are offered a place – with or without a Bursary and/or Scholarship – are almost all in the top 15% of academic ability for their age group across the UK. In addition, boys who join the College are generally instinctively curious, enjoy learning and enthusiastic to stretch themselves to their limits.

The calculation of Bursary support takes into account the family’s total income from all sources, property value, savings, investments, and other capital assets. Bursaries are calculated on a sliding scale and are reviewed annually. How is Bursary support calculated?

As a broad guideline, families whose total income is £35,000 per annum or less might receive a Bursary of 100% of school fees and families whose total income is around £65,000 per annum might receive financial support of 50% of school fees. These figures are indicative only.

What does a Bursary include? In addition to school fees, means-tested support may be available for trips and other enrichment activities. How long does a Bursary last? You will continue to be eligible for financial support throughout your son’s time at Dulwich College. The amount of the Bursary award will be reviewed each year. 

What is an Academic Scholarship? Academic Scholarships are awarded to those boys who perform exceptionally well and score the highest grades in their examination and interview. All boys who sit the entrance examinations are automatically considered; Scholarships are not means- tested. Music, Art and Sports Scholarships When applying, you can indicate if you would like your son to be considered for a Music Scholarship (Year 7), Art and Design Scholarship (Year 9) or Sports Scholarship (Year 9). For more details about these, please see our website uk/college/admissions/scholarships- bursaries Can you be awarded a Bursary and a Scholarship? Yes, a Bursary and a Scholarship might be awarded together up to a maximum value of 100% of the school fees.

“All my experiences at the College are helping me now that I am out in the world and embarking upon a long cherished ambition to become a doctor.”


*Joshua’s name has been changed. The names of those in receipt of a bursary are known to only a few members of staff.

After Dulwich College With excellent GCSEs and A levels, boys go on to attend leading universities and take up the opportunities of prestigious Degree Apprenticeships sponsored by international companies. Many boys choose to work in Medicine, Engineering and the Law, and others will take up a number of jobs not yet dreamt of in entrepreneurial, technological or cybernetic and innovative enterprises. An increasing number of former pupils are making their way in the creative industries. Recent Dulwich College alumni include Chiwetel Ejiofor (multiple- award winning actor and Oscar nominee for 12 Years A Slave ), Chris Jordon (England Test cricketer) and Tom Rob Smith (author of Child 44 ).

How to find out more and to visit Dulwich College For all confidential Bursary enquiries and a tour of the College, please contact the Registrar, Mrs Sarah Betts on bettss @ or 0208 299 9263 . We look forward to hearing from you. Alternatively, please visit our website for a prospectus pack. If you apply for a bursary, tick the box on the Registration Form and a Bursary Form will be sent to you in December. “I will always remember … my incredible educational journey at Dulwich College, which provided me with opportunities as diverse as going on sport tours, being a school magazine editor and being a Young Leader at Scouts.”


*Dan’s name has been changed. The names of those in receipt of a bursary are known to only a few members of staff. The images used throughout this booklet reflect life at Dulwich College rather than pupils in receipt of a bursary or scholarship.

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