Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

li,ighttrn Days - jri Partra-l.rtrr,.r's Miiydpur-lilA

l'elt like going back to bed. My conscience and curiosiry gor rhe best ol'me and I clragged myselfl olrt to fincl a rickshaw and dutifully headed down Bhaktisidclhdnta Road. As I approached the caitanya Math, I spotted tlre huge truck carrying rlle deities parked on the side of rhe roacl. I was nor. prepared for the abrupt jolt of awakening I experienced. Tears at once welled up in rny eyes, and I jurnped from the ricl<shaw, incredibly excited. lntense emotions surged as I apprurachecl the truck and tried to get a peek of the transcendental cargo. Seeing the massive size of their Lordships, and bits of Their brilliant golclen forms shir-ring between the packing materials, I was stunned with awe and reverence, and could not hold bacl< my tears. Fatigue and aches disappeared, and I suddenly lelt immensely hrppy. Unsettled by this sudden burst o[ ernotion, I wondered if I was going a bit batty? Sahajtyd? A honnonal surge? Whar exactly is happening here? I tried to hide my tears. But, scanning the faces of the crowd oI devotces, I could see that I was not alone. I resignecl rnyself t() accept that the inconceivable mercy of the Paflca-tattva was alrcacly flowing like a powerful river to the fallen concli- tionecl 5sul5-s1rsn before They appeared on the altar. Tl'te lirtana party arrived and the ecstatic procession began to slowly move towards Maydpur Candrodaya Mandir. Devotees showered basket aher basket oI flower petals in front of the truck, covering the road, while the hlrtana roared. It was something truly rernarkable-dcvorees lcaping, crying, laughing, ancl yelling the holy nalnes. I never smiled 5s 111uqtr-1ny mouth began to ache. It seernecl that evely great personality in the universe must have been preserll-sh61ys1s of flow- ers flrom the denrigods and all. The wonder and magnitude of what was taking place was far beyond my puny comprehension, but it felt as if Lord caitanya, with His massive form and wide spread anrs, was announcing, "This is MY age, and I'rn coming in a BIG way. My t.ime has comel" Walking beside that truck, I felt the nlosl flortunate person in the world. I no longer cared about nry aching legs, or how fallen I was-l just felt damnecl lucky, and happy ro be in the right place at the right time. I had the distinct feeling of being a tiny little ant, or insignificanr


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