Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

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S r i l?.t tl L l - I d I I v.l I s M i.y I lt u r - I i I (i

ed on the absolute platform, but they rranifest different spiritual varieties as a challenge to impersonalists lo taste different kinds of spiritual hurnors, rnsds..." Because they do not accept the differenr rastes. The Miydvdda philosophy and Vaisnava philosophy, the only clifference is... Although the aim is one, Absolute Truth, but the diflerence is that they clo not accept varieties, varieties of taste. Therefore they fall down. It is not our version, but it is stated in the Veclic lirera- ture, aruhya hrcchrena pqrqth padafi tatah patanty adho 'nddrta-yuxnacl-anghrayah: [58 I0.2.32] "By severe penance and austerities, these MayAvadis, they go up to the Brahrnan effulgence, but from there they fall down, fall down." Because for want of varieties. You cannot live without varieties. Anandarnayo 'bhyAsat: "The Absolute Trtrth is aruandamayo by nature," ab'hyasat. Tl-rere are rlre interpreration o[ the Mayavadis of this Vcdimta-sltLra, anandantayo'bhyasat (vtcldnta-sirtra I.t.I2). But we see thal tlre Suprerne Absolute Person is dnandamaya. Krsna, you'll never see with- out Ananda. He is, I mean to say, taking care o[ the cows, He,s dancing with the gopis, Fle's playing witll His cowherd boys. Anandamaya. These are anandamaya. Tl-rese are the varieties. The Mayavadi philosophers, they cannot unclerstand; thereflore they think that "This Krsna-lila is maya." Tlrerefore we call them Mdyavadi. Everything... Maya maya,neti ncti. They Lake Krsna also as maya; therelore they are called Mdyavaclis. Because a living entity comes in this material worlcl accepting this material body, similarly, when Krsna comes, tl-rey think that He has also a material body This is Mdydvacli. K19r1a has no such thing. Therefore ),ou'll fincl in Dr. Raclhakrishnan's book, when Krgqa says, man-nund bhava mad-bhahto mad-yajlmafit namaslnrru IBg. 18.65], he says, "Not to the Krsna person, but the Absolute which is within the Krstra." He does rlot know tlrat Krsna is not different liorn His body. That he does not know. KfSUa is absolute. Sambhavarny atma4naryaya tBg a.61.

yada yada hi dharmasyct glanir bhavati bharah


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