Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

EightLen Da-ys - .5ri P(iicu-t(lrld's


Jananivasa and Nrsirhha Kavaca Prabhus performed an experimental abhiseha, which was breathlessly observed by a few who were present. They wanted to see how the water flowed ancl if everything was okay with the deities. The altar's scaf- folcling is complete devotee, Prtambara Prabhu, a Swedish devoree who lives in Mdydpur for half the year, is a professional scafflolder, and he has been organiz- ing the team, includingJapa (the son o[ NareSvara and Krsnarnpa Prabhus). Japa spent his birthday yesterday helping with the construction. Also on rhe team is Maitreya (Bharata Maharaja's and Bhakta Gana's son), which makes me wonder if this family descended lrom the spiritual world to organize this installation. So Pitimbara has done an incredible iob, and the platlorms for bathing, which are at head level o[ each deity, are cornplete and secure. Pitambara has spent years work- ing in the construction industry, and in a conversation last year with him, he was telling me what a lousy job it was, but it was goocl money. Yesterclay I went over to him on the altar, and said, "Well, Pit6mbara, now yorl know why Krsna had you learning how to construct scaffolcling all these years..." and he gave mc the biggest (ancl most exhausted) smile ancl said, "Who would have thought it woulcl all Iead to builcling all this scaffolding for Sri Panca-rartva?" So for the experimental bath, the deities hacl Their cloth removed, and Nrsirirha Kavaca stood on the highest point of the scaffolding, behind Lord Caitanya's head. As he started to pour the huge kalash full o[water over the Lorcl's fonn,Jananivasa began to chant the Brahmcr-santhitd prayers, and everyone immediately followed, their hands folded in prayer, frozen ro rhe spot, gazing ar this most beautiful vision. Then Jananivasa told Bhakta Gana to clirnb up and bathe Lord Cairanya. Nrsirhha Kavaca pourecl sorne water into the palms o['l-rer hancls, ancl she poured it o\cr tl"re Lord. It tricklcd slowly down his body, and everyone softly said, ".lrrya..)' she has performed an amazing amount o[ service, staying awake all through the night so she could paint the Deities in peace, and what a feat-They are stunning. like nothing else I've ever scen.

Rassranl - They started ptturing water over Gaurafiga. It loolted so huruti.ful. It was


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