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December 2017

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E ven though I’m a relatively old guy, I still get excited about Christmas every time the season rolls around. Withmy headphones pumping holiday music as I write this message (inmid-November), I can’t stop feeling that things simply couldn’t be better. This Christmas, it seems like there’s more to celebrate than ever, especially after my wife Kathy and I have finally been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren in the past few years. First there’s Theo, three years old, who can hardly contain himself as he ticks down the days before he gets to see what Santa brings. The energy of a toddler grants the holidays an entire additional layer of excitement and fun, as his contagious enthusiasm spreads throughout the family. Then there’s Georgie, only three months old, who, though he’s not quite aware of the Christmas festivities just yet, is certainly one of the greatest gifts of all. We’re thrilled that both of the little guys live only about a mile away fromus with our daughter Katie (who is, as you probably know, one of our attorneys here!) and her husband, Darek. But even though they don’t all live so close, all four of our children will be home for the holidays. Paul and his wife Alison are flying in from Los Angeles. Our son, Tim, is making the trip fromWashington, D.C., and our daughter, Kristin, (along with her Seeing Eye dog, Zoe) is coming

Though I feel fortunate this Christmas to be surrounded by family, abundance, and joy, I know that many people in our community might not have such a joyous holiday season. In fact, for those who are lonely, sick, injured, or simply living alone, the holiday season can be one of the most trying times of the year. That’s why I’d like to offer some suggestions to lift up those who are struggling during these cold winter months. All of us around the office are making it a point to do a few kind things for others, and I guarantee that if you do the same, you will truly be blessed with a more meaningful Christmas. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Create a stocking with treats and gifts and place it on the doorstep of someone who has lost a loved one or is struggling financially. 2. Visit your grandparents or other elderly relatives and ask them to tell you a story of the holidays fromwhen they were young. 3. Call the Salvation Army and volunteer to ring the bell. 4. Reach out to someone you don’t knowwell and take themout to coffee, breakfast, or lunch. Spend a fewminutes just talking and connecting with them. 5. Have each of your kids choose one gift to donate to Toys for Tots or take to a family in need. 6. Send a letter or gift to a soldier or sailor. 7. Take a walk in the woods and ponder the beauty of the season. 8. Instead of thinking about what you want for the holidays, spend some time being grateful for what you have. At the end of each day, write down three things for which you are grateful — this exercise can be incredibly powerful. 9. Go to a church, synagogue, or temple as part of your celebration. 10. And finally, reward yourself! You’ve made it through another year and have done great things for the people in your life. You deserve a meaningful gift. As we reach the end of the year, I’d like to extend a sincere thank-you to all of our clients and friends for everything they’ve done for us and for our business. On behalf of all the partners—Dennis Stark, Tony Tanoos, TomNewlin, andmyself —we wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy NewYear! –Steve Fleschner 1 (812) 232-2000

in fromArlington, Virginia. We’re sure to have a great time as always—eating, laughing, exchanging gifts, reminiscing, attending church services, and delighting in the antics of Theo and Georgie.

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