Jones Smiles June 2017



June 2017


THE NEWEST ADDITION TO THE JONES FAMILY Welcoming Baby Georgia Into the World

On the afternoon of May 16, Margaret and I welcomed the newest addition to the Jones Smiles

with that subtle infant awe, taking in everything that she’s never seen before.

These moments in life definitely make you feel grateful and appreciative. We are grateful for our new arrivals, these moments together as a family, and for health. We are also thankful to all the doctors and nurses that have cared for Margaret and little Georgia. Finally, I want to thank all of our

family: our new baby daughter, Georgia Ruth Jones. There’s

nothing quite like holding a newborn — even if this is my fourth time around. She was a perfectly healthy, happy newborn, 7 pounds 5 ounces, and 20 inches.

We have all been eagerly awaiting

the arrival, but it’s possible that my oldest daughter, Eloise, could have been the most delighted to finally meet Georgia. Ever since finding out we were having a little girl, Eloise has been absolutely thrilled with the idea of no longer being the only girl amidst a pair of energetic boys. When we told her that she’d soon have a brand-new baby sister, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anybody so excited. It’s adorable to see how all the kids have adapted to their latest sibling. Everyone is eager to hold her and to get her to look at them and smile, though she’s only just now beginning to show real awareness of her surroundings. She looks around

patients for being so patient and understanding; my schedule (and world) has been turned upside down the last few weeks, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! – Dr. Eric Jones

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