Liberty Living - Residences Manager – Wolverhampton

providers and managing supplier relationships in line with policy.

Health and Safety Management

• Manage all aspects of Health & Safety of the residences from both client and staff perspectives, ensuring the team are trained to the required standard. • Follow policies and procedures dictated by current H&S legislation under the guidance of the Liberty Living’s Health & Safety Committee. • Ensure health and safety checks are completed including fire alarm testing, emergency light testing, monthly checks, emergency equipment and emergency evacuation practices. • Assist the OM in completing and reviewing staff Risk Assessments. • Manage the reporting of incidents, accidents and near misses that occur on site or in relation to staff/customers/visitors, following escalation procedures and in collaboration with the OM and ROM. • Responsibility for ensuring staff are trained and always aware of their duties as set out in the Emergency Action Plan.

Information Technology and Communications

• Manage the IT and Telecommunications service delivery and infrastructure in line with Liberty Living guidelines. • Ensure staff have a full understanding of and undertake compliant working practices in relation to online security, PCI DSS and GDPR. • Responsibility for the security and safe use of portable company IT equipment (including mobile phones, iPads, post tablets, inspection tablets).

Planning and Organising

• Effective planning and organising of time and tasks in line with needs of residences and the business as dictated by the Operations Manager. • Adherence to reporting deadlines as laid down by the Operations Manager. • Time and movement management of self and team to ensure adequate staff and manage- ment cover of the centre.

Maintaining Management Standards

• Implementation of (and ensuring the residence’s adherence to) the Company’s systems and processes for monitoring standards within the residence, by way of ‘Management by Walking Around’ (MBWA). • Conducting monthly MBWA inspections within the residence.

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