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“Activity Helps Relieve Pain!” WALKING AWAY BACK PAIN

Most people have something in their style of walking that can cause long termwear and tear. By changing the way you walk, it is possible to eliminate and prevent back pain. On a daily basis, you walk more than any other physical activity. We can help you discover the reason about theway youwalk, which gives you pain and help you change it. Your walk involves many body parts, all interacting together to produce your walking style. It’s as natural as breathing, and if any of your six (two ankles, two knees, two hips) weight bearing joints are not in good alignment, you’re at risk for structural pain. One minor walking error repeatedmillions of times can do an incredible amount of damage to your back, muscles, nerves and joints. This can eventually cause pain and arthritis. Often, the cause of back pain is poor strength, specifically, weak abdominal muscles. The pelvis is held in place by numerousmuscles, including the abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals and hip flexors. An imbalance or weakness in these muscles can lead to pelvic misalignment, causing the pelvis to tilt forward or backward. Forward tilt of the pelvis leads to a sway back.

“How Does Activity Respond Well To Back Pain?” SEEK NATURAL RELIEF

In addition to abdominal weakness, a lack of strength in the gluteals and hamstrings leads to forward pelvic tilt. Exercises must be done to strengthen both the abdominals and gluteals. Walking gives the gluteals a good workout. The abdominal muscles can be conditioned through physical therapy and easy weight training exercises. Studies of people with chronic low back pain show that they have walking abnormalities. When these are corrected by physical therapy and sometimes shoe inserts (orthotics), back pain is reduced significantly. Research has also shown that chronic back pain responds very well to walking, exercise and physical therapy. For those seeking natural relief, nothing could be more natural or self-empowering as learning how to correct your walking and stride to relieve your back pain. Call us today to learn more how we can put the spring back in your step!

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Healthy Recipe: Hibiscus Iced Tea

5 INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers (about 1/2 ounce or 15 grams) • 1 cinnamon stick • 4 cups cold water • 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup simple syrup • Lime wedges (optional, for serving)

DIRECTIONS Place the hibiscus and cinnamon stick in a large jar or bowl. Add water. Cover and refrigerate overnight (8 to 12 hours). Add simple syrup to taste. Strain out the solids and serve over ice with a squeeze of lime, if desired.

Store the brewed hibiscus iced tea covered in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Exercise Essentials Try this exercise to keep you moving...

STRAIGHT LEG RAISE - SLR While lying or sitting, raise up your leg with a straight knee. Keep the opposite knee bent with the foot planted to the ground. Helps back pain

Exercises copyright of

The above exercise is designed to be performed under the instruction of a licensed physical therapist. Service Spotlight CERVICAL & PELVIC TRACTION

Traction is a therapeutic method to relieve pain by stretching and realigning the spine. Placing a stretch on the spine separates the vertebrae and helps to relieve direct nerve pressure and stress on the vertebral discs. Cervical traction is a common nonsurgical treatment for a herniated disc in the neck that relieves pain by opening up the cervical foramen to reduce pressure on compressed nerve roots exiting the spinal canal. Traction can either be appliedmanually or by spinal traction devices.

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