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May 2023

Page 1 | May, 2023

Ted ’ s Talk

Team Orange,

This edition of the OCI is full of examples of service to our organization and our community. From tobacco litter clean - up to mental health self - care strategies, we continue to explore how we can assist each other and our community. May is the perfect time to reflect on public service because it includes public service recognition week, police week, and emergency medical service week. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with an organization that values public employees and recognizes their contributions to our community. Our staff work every day to keep our community safe, encourage and attract new businesses and act as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. Our public safety personnel are especially dedicated to the safety of our community, and we are privileged to work with professionals who put their lives on the line every day. This past month we celebrated 25 years in the life of “ County of Orange Fire and EMS ” (COFEMS) with their first ever awards banquet. Awards were presented on a nomination basis by peers and supervisors. Over 20 current and former staff were recognized for their service for valor, leadership, and service. In addition to their daily duties, public safety staff also hosted field trips for local children to tour the public safety building and learn about what they do. I couldn ’ t be prouder of the team we have built in Orange County. Our commitment to Public Service shines through every day. Thanks for your service to each other and to our community!


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Page 1 | May, 2023

Orange County Passes Budget for FY 2024

By: Orange County Communications

The Board of Supervisors adopted the FY2024 operating and capital budgets and corresponding tax rates at the April 25, 2023, regular meeting. To view the budget presentation, click here.

The budget is in compliance with the Board ’ s debt, Capital Improvement Project, and budget policies. Key budget drivers include: aligning with current market values for personal property, continuing operational funding for the volunteer fire and emergency services companies, continuing funding for apparatus replacements for volunteer fire and emergency services companies, adjusting staffing levels to ensure service levels continue, fund market adjustments to the class and compensation program, and adjusting selected fees to recover program costs and align with market conditions.

R. Mark Johnson Chairman District One Supervisor As in previous budgets, education, public safety, and debt service remain the top functions for expenditures across funds. Additionally, the Fire and EMS Fund supports several volunteer Fire and EMS apparatus replacements. Approved tax rates are noted in the table below.

County departments are encouraged to review their FY24 budgets in MUNIS by accessing the Next Year Budget Entry module or in Account Inquiry under FY24. Budget documents are also available on the County website here.

Contact Glenda Bradley, Deputy County Administrator, at with any questions regarding the FY24 budget.

Personnel Policy

Qualification Scales

Employee Benefits

Page 2 | May, 2023

Orange County Hosts Second Annual


and Caps

By: Orange County Economic Development and Tourism

For the second year in a row, Orange County Economic Development and Tourism is hosting the Corks and Caps summer contest.

Designed to encourage visitors to create their own beverage trail and sample the County ’ s burgeoning craft beverage offerings, Corks and Caps highlights Orange County ’ s robust, award winning craft beverage scene. Participants can collect five passport stickers to redeem for a free, limited - edition t - shirt as pictured below. Download YOUR Orange County Corks and Caps passport at and start collecting May 29 until September 4, 2023.

See the Corks and Caps passport below to see a complete list of participants to check off your list!

Page 3 | May, 2023

Orange County Is Open For Business By: Orange County Economic Development & Tourism

Local businesses are the heart of Orange County, and your support makes a difference! Visit and start planning your shopping, dining, and recreational activities! Are you a local business owner? Visit to create a FREE profile. Once subscribed, businesses can showcase their offerings by listing services offered, menu items, hours of operation, website, social media links, promotions, photo galleries, and more. For more information, please contact the Office of Economic Development at (540) 672 - 1238.

Event Calendar



Orange Painting Club

VMFA on the Road: An Artmobile for the 21st Century

The Arts Center in Orange

The Arts Center in Orange



Bill of Rights Walking Tour

Music In The Park 2023

At Montpelier



Celebrate Dolly Madison ’ s 255th Birthday Tour & Cupcakes

Gordonsville On Main

First Friday

At Montpelier

Learn more about these and other events at:

Page 4 | May, 2023

CIC 16 - Week Entrepreneurship Workshop Expands to Culpeper, Orange

By: Orange County Economic Development & Tourism

The Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) will expand its signature program, a 16 - week Entrepreneur Workshop for aspiring and existing business owners, to Culpeper and Orange this autumn. In partnership with the Economic Development Offices of the Town of Culpeper and Orange County, the workshop will launch on August 22, 2023, at the Carver Center in Rapidan, VA, located off of James Madison Highway. Applications open May 1, 2023, and are available online at culpeper - orange - workshop. “ Community Investment Collaborative ’ s 16 - Week Workshop is a proven driver for building an entrepreneurship ecosystem. It ’ s designed to help entrepreneurs do two things: determine if the business can be viable, and learn the basics of running a business, “ said Paige Read, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Town of Culpeper. “ We are grateful for the partnership with Orange County Economic Development in bringing this series north to the greater Culpeper - Orange community. I am confident participants who complete the program will be better prepared for an ever - changing business landscape. ” CIC expanded its service area to include Orange, Culpeper, Madison, and Rappahannock Counties in 2020 when it took over as host of the Central Virginia Small Business Development Center (SBDC). CIC also partnered with The Town of Culpeper and Orange, Culpeper, Madison and Fauquier Counties to manage business grant programs that were funded by the CARES Act to support businesses impacted by COVID - 19. Adding an additional location for the Entrepreneur Workshop implements a portion of the organization ’ s strategic plan to increase program offerings to rural communities in its region, with a focus on under - resourced entrepreneurs. “ We are excited to partner with the Town of Culpeper Economic Development and Tourism Office to bring this enriching opportunity closer to our respective business communities. Historically, attendance by Orange County businesses to this workshop has been low. We are confident that bringing this course closer to home will allow for more accessibility, therefore increasing participation by Orange County business owners and entrepreneurs, ” said Rose Deal, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Orange County. The autumn 2023 sessions of the Entrepreneur Workshop will take place in Culpeper - Orange and Charlottesville, simultaneously. Each cohort will consist of dedicated team members, workgroup leaders, and session facilitators to assist the entrepreneurs in successfully completing the rigorous program. Interested participants are encouraged to apply online and will be prompted to select a cohort in accordance with where their business will be located and what is most feasible for them to participate weekly. This project was made possible through the support of the Town of Culpeper Economic Development and Tourism Office and Orange County Economic Development, and funded in part by GO Virginia, a state - funded initiative administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) that strengthens and diversifies Virginia ’ s economy and fosters the creation of higher wage jobs in strategic industries. Entrepreneur Workshop graduates have the option to be paired with mentors and join Small Business Circles for ongoing support and insight from fellow entrepreneurs, and are also eligible to explore other aspects of CIC, including its Financial Management Program and its microloan program, which offers financing options of up to $50,000 to help them formally launch or expand their businesses. Applications are available May 1 - July 7, 2023. Classes will be held weekly, on Tuesday evenings, at the Carver Center, from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., August 22 - December 12, 2023. To apply for the upcoming Entrepreneur Workshop or to learn more about CIC, its programming and available resources, please visit

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Page 6 | May, 2023

Page 7 | May, 2023

Page 8 | May, 2023

Orange County Launches New Meeting Agenda Interface on County Website

By: Orange County Communications

This month, Orange County launched a new portal that enables users way to view meetings and their corresponding agendas on the County website using the CivicClerk® software. The Public Portal provides content such as event listings, quick access to published agendas and materials, and the ability to watch live streams or videos on - demand with media playback and search tools. CivicClerk® Public Portal is the main landing page where citizens can access agendas, meeting materials, minutes, and videos for the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. The refreshed experience provides an intuitive, easy - to - use platform for a seamless look throughout the website. Additionally, it provides enhanced mobile responsiveness to ensure all users receive the same experience, regardless of how they view the portal. Users can also search for meeting topics or terminology that will bring up attachments and agendas that contain a specific keyword. The upgrade comes with a calendar function, allowing people to search events/board/commission meetings by day, month, or year. “ It has a much better aesthetic and things are easier to find, ” Alyson Simpson, chief deputy clerk and administration office manager said. “ It allows people to use the event category drop down and single out a specific type of meeting. ”

This upgrade will make it easier for the public to be engaged in county government as a whole.

To find all meeting agendas, dates, times, and supporting documents, go to the Orange County website, scroll over the Government tab and then under Board of Supervisors click Agendas and Minutes. For additional information or questions please contact Alyson Simpson at or the Orange County Administration Office at (540) 672 - 3313.

Page 9 | May, 2023

Page 10 | May, 2023

May Employee Anniversary Report

Thank you for your dedication to Orange County and it ’ s residents. Below you will find a list of employees who celebrate an employment anniversary in May.

35 years, Teresa Carroll, Circuit Court

33 years, Michael Lacasse, Sheriff ’ s Office

17 years, Terry Harlow, Sheriff ’ s Office

12 years, Melissa Morris, Circuit Court

8 years, Taylor Roby, Fire & EMS

7 years, Jessica Lassiter, Library

7 years, Teresa Latimer, Social Services

7 years, Kathryn West, Library

6 years, Ryane Wharton, Victim Witness

5 years, Kaci Daniel, VA Tech Cooperative Extension

5 years, Christopher Vess, Fire & EMS

2 years, Austin Haney, Public Works

2 years, Kayla Conley, Registrar

2 years, Sheila Morrisseay, Social Services

2 years, Crystal Sisk Aylor, Finance

1 year, Shawn Smith, Commonwealth Attorney

1 year, Ella Harris, Office on Youth

1 year, Chase Smith, Office on Youth

1 year, Christopher Hernandez, Fire & EMS

1 year, Alexander McIntyre, Fire & EMS

1 year, Samir Stetler, Fire & EMS

1 year, Brian Savage, Fire & EMS

1 year, Camden Marshall, Office on Youth

1 year, Ronald Norris, Landfill

Page 11 | May, 2023

Information Technology Tip

By: Orange County Information Technology Department

KnowBe4 is a cybersecurity awareness training platform available for Orange County employees. One of the key features is its ability to simulate phishing attacks and offer preventative solutions to avoid being phished. Users are also given questions to test their skills on how to respond in certain situations like email and through social media. An additional feature of this program is the ability to report any suspicious email a County employee receives by hitting the “ Report Phishing ” button located in the Outlook home options. After you hit this button, the reported email will be removed from the Inbox and Information Technology (IT) will be notified. From there, the email will be looked at in depth and scanned for any malicious code or

programs that could be embedded within the email. IT will then make the determination on whether the reported email was authentic or not. Once this process is completed, employee who reported the suspected phishing email, IT will be updated with a conclusion. To test the skills of County employees, this program will occasionally send out “ fake ” phishing attempts to try and trick the user into opening a link on an inauthentic email. If the user falls for the faked attempt, they will be automatically enrolled in remedial cybersecurity training. KnowBe4 provides a wide variety of cyber security and internet safety training for all enrolled users. The IT department is continuously working on training to educate employees and keep the community safe. Whether on the job and working or checking personal email at home, cybercriminals are omnipresent. They have one goal: To steal as much of your data with as little effort as possible. Phishing attacks are a perfect median for these kinds of crooks, as they are both low maintenance and effective.

KnowBe4 training empowers Orange County employees to feel confident in their ability to recognize attempted phishing emails. Best rule of thumb: when in doubt, throw it out!

Do you have team members that exemplify the J.U.I.C.E. mentality and are going above and beyond? Remember you can nominate them! Submissions are open and we will be doing a quarterly drawing to choose a winner for that

quarter. They will receive a fun jackpot prize! Visit the JUICE Employee Recognition Form, or simply use the QR code to recognize another employee.

Page 12 | May, 2023

Orange County Employees Learn Self - Care Strategies

By: Orange County Department of Human Resources

Through Orange County ’ s recently launched wellness program, our Department of Human Resources started offering wellness webinars to provide tips on how to increase well - being. During the most recent webinar, employees learned the definition of self - care, strategies to improve their health, and how to create opportunities for improvement. The term self - care has been around for decades but has changed in meaning over time. What was originally defined as medical treatment has evolved into a necessary, mainstream tool. For some, self - care can feel difficult at first. What new skill isn ’ t? The good news is that it doesn ’ t have to be time consuming, expensive, complicated, showy, or doing “ nothing. ” Self - care can be as easy as sitting, talking, or whatever makes you feel good that is good for you. Employees also learned about the six pillars of well - being: physical, social, occupational, spiritual, mental, and emotional. The physical pillar includes quality sleep, personal grooming, and physical movement while the social pillar incorporates maintaining connections of value, volunteering, joining groups with shared interest, or anything that can form a connection with others. The occupational pillar makes up what you do for work, what you like about your job, career goals, debriefing challenging situations and the spiritual pillar characterizes things we find inspirational, what we value, and what we are thankful for. The mental pillar can be practicing to create positive intentions, objectivity, and adopt a growth mindset allowing one to make goals when needed and the emotional well - being pillar can be practiced by working to address the things that affect us each day through various methods like relaxation, visualization, or addressing and releasing the guilt we carry. Some of these pillars can also be combined in many ways as well. Each person ’ s self - care looks different and starts with reflecting on our current attitudes and behaviors. We can redirect attitudes and slowly change our thought patterns by saying positive statements – affirmations – to ourselves. Once we learn to redirect our thoughts, we can change our perspective and outlook on ourselves.

Keep an eye out for an email invitation from Jennifer McGuire to the next webinar. For questions regarding wellness benefits, please contact Human Resources at (540) 672 - 3313.

Page 13 | May, 2023

Page 14 | May, 2023

Airport and Public Safety Complex Host Fieldtrips

By: Orange County Communications Development

This month, Locust Grove Head Start, Orange Elementary School, Bright Side Early Care and Learning Center, and Orange County Head Start visited the Orange County Airport (KOMH) and the Public Safety Building to learn about general aviation and what it is like to be a first responder. The children started the day investigating the inside of historic planes dating back to the 1940’ s. Local aviator, Charlie Snyder, showcased a Cessna C - 150M for the children and showed what it was like to sit in the pilot ’ s seat.

Via Orange County Communications

“ We ’ re trying to expose them to aviation as an option and pique their interest, ” Paul Weber, airport operations manager said. After visiting the Airport, the next stop was the Public Safety Building where the young visitors met with first responder agencies including the Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, Emergency Communications Center (ECC), and Orange County Fire and EMS. Children were able to see the inside of an ambulance, fire safety trailer, watch firefighters suit up when being called to a fire, squad cars and tactical equipment used by the Sheriff ’ s Office, and learn where their phone call goes when they dial 911.

Tyler Williamson, communications supervisor, emphasized to the tour groups the importance of committing their home address to memory, in order to relay the information to 911 dispatchers and receive help in the event of an emergency. The children walked away with knowledge of how to call 911 and received a coloring book to reinforce what they learned.

Via Orange County Communications

Page 15 | May, 2023

Michael Throckmorton, fire marshal and assistant fire chief, said field trips like these are one of the most impactful moments for a child. “ I still remember when I was in kindergarten and the fire department showed up, ” Throckmorton said. “ Whoever their hero is going to be, you can definitely have an impact on someone ’ s life. ” What makes Orange County ’ s fire education special is the use of the fire safety trailer and providing the tools on how to respond to an emergency, stay calm, and get out. The children then visited the Sheriff ’ s Office where they got to see a “ suspect chase ” and bail out, where the K - 9 apprehended the “ suspect. ” This involves deputies going at a very high speed and stopping as close as they can get to the suspect. The K - 9 is then released and tackles the suspect. The Sheriff ’ s Office also brought tactical gear and answered questions about how the equipment is used. The children also received a visit from Safetypup® educated them on how to stay safe and protect themselves. The Sheriff ’ s Office also assists with public education through events such as Virginia Rules in our Schools, concealed carry classes, the Citizens ’ Police Academy, and the Youth Academy, a weeklong program in the summer. Interested in scheduling a tour at the Public Safety Building or an education session? Contact the County ’ s first responder agencies to learn about public education services at Interested in taking a field trip to the Airport? Contact Paul Weber, airport operations manager, at or (540) 672 - 2158.

Via Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office

Via Orange County Communications

Page 16 | May, 2023

COFEMS Host First Awards Banquet Marking 25 Years

By: Orange County Fire & EMS

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Orange County Fire & EMS hosted their first awards banquet at The Pavilion on Lakeland Farm honoring past and present firefighters and EMT ’ s and their families. The night started with honoring two first responders: Donnie Lettner and Dottie Di Liddo. Lettner served Orange County as a firefighter/EMT, dispatcher, engine operator, and assisted with hazardous material and radiological response. Di Liddo served the County as a firefighter/paramedic, field provider, and field training officer. Awards were then awarded to current staff to highlight the impact they have made on Orange County citizens. “ What seems routine and mundane at times can have a significant impact on our citizen ’ s lives, ” Mike Throckmorton, assistant fire chief and fire marshal said.

Awards were given on a nomination basis by peers and supervisors.

Page 17 | May, 2023

Interested in joining the COFEMS team? Orange County is currently hiring for full - time Firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). Competitive salary and benefits are offered as well as a 28 day pay cycle. For more information visit look here.

Page 18 | May, 2023

OOY Tobacco Clean Up Events

By: Orange County Office on Youth

Did you know cigarette trash makes up more than one - third or nearly 38 % of all collected litter? Cigarette butts release arsenic and lead into the environment that often contaminates water sources according to The National Institute of Health. Ninety - eight percent of cigarette filters are made with plastic fibers (cellulous acetate) that are not biodegradable. A recent study, referenced by the National Library of Medicine, found that a cigarette butt was only about 38% decomposed after two years. Through the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth Tobacco Grant Fund monies, the Office on Youth (OOY) averages two litter clean up events annually: one in the Town of Gordonsville and the other in the Town of Orange. As this event enters its third year, Orange County ’ s Youth Council continues to engage the community on the harmful effects of tobacco and cigarettes. Last year, the youth picked up over 6,700 cigarette butts in the towns of Orange and Gordonsville.

Additionally, the OOY through their Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth grant works with teens to stop smoking and vaping with the “ this is quitting ” program app. The program provides 12 free weeks of support to help teens stop smoking and vaping where youth can text in and receive intervention. Thirty - one youth have subscribed to this program.

Orange is one of two localities piloting this program, saving healthcare dollars.

Additional campaigns made possible by the grant are the Take Down Tobacco Day Art Contest, pledging to be tobacco free on National Take Down Tobacco Day, and PSA ’ s on the radio bringing awareness to the tobacco problem in our community. Take Down Tobacco Art Contest participants were honored for their commitment and creative art submissions at the Board of Supervisors ’ meeting on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. The 2023 winners of the contest are Rachelle Lucia Rogers (8 th grade, PHMS) and Maritza Beltran (11 th grade, OCHS) (pictured to the right). For more information on the Orange County Office on Youth ’ s partnership with the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth contact Robyn Chapman, grant program manager, at or (540) 672 - 5484.

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Page 20 | May, 2023

Page 21 | May, 2023

4 - H Recipe

By: Orange County Extension Office

To make mini berry pie, you will need the following ingredients:

1. Nonstick cooking spray

2. 5 (6 inch) whole wheat tortillas

3. 2 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

4. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

5. 1 bag (16 ounces) frozen mixed berries (2 1/2 cups)

6. 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar

7. 1 teaspoon cornstarch

Page 22 | May, 2023

Page 23 | May, 2023

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?

By: Orange County Department of Parks and Recreation

The "Would Chuck" Disc Golf Leagues are back for another season, and are currently accepting registration for both! There will be two leagues, the OPEN League and the 50 & OVER League. The OPEN League will play on Tuesdays, and the 50 & OVER League will play on Wednesdays. Both leagues will play from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Orange County Disc Golf Course. Each league will last six weeks, beginning on May 23, 2023, and concluding on June 28, 2023. Any rainout days will be added to the end of the schedule. To register for the leagues, please use the following links: OPEN League: 50 & OVER League: For any questions about the leagues, or to register over the phone, call (540) 672 - 5435 or email

Page 24 | May, 2023

Page 25 | May, 2023

Spring Fling Success!

By: Orange County Department of Parks and Recreation

On Saturday, April 15, 2023, the Orange County Department of Parks and Recreation celebrated their third annual Spring Fling Disc Golf Tournament at the Orange County Disc Golf Course with specialty frisbees to celebrate. Joe Falin, parks and recreation supervisor, created a specialty logo for this particular event. “ We ’ re doing a theme throughout the entire year where our mascot, the woodchuck, is hopping and going into other mascot ’ s logos, ” Falin said. “ The woodchuck got into the disc logo and now he ’ s gone into the rabbit logo this year. ” So far this year, there have been 364 rounds of disc golf played and over 100 players have played at the course.

However, this was the first year the Easter Bunny made an appearance resulting in the highest disc purchase in program history. “ The Spring Fling is unique with them being able to purchase their own egg and get a gift, ” Falin said. The Department was able to opt for higher - end plastic that was top of the line because of the bonus eggs players were able to purchase. At the conclusion of the tournament, the Easter Bunny passed out eggs containing modifiers for the final round of the tournament such as taking a stoke off the final score, getting a do over driver, or taking 10 steps forward from the tee box at the start of any hole. If you didn ’ t get your chance this spring, you will definitely want to play this fall in the annual Turkey Toss Tournament. Where will the woodchuck will appear next? See the full arrival of the Easter Bunny on the Parks and Recreation Facebook page at https://

Page 26 | May, 2023

First County Cup Egg Toss a Success!

By: Orange County Department of Parks and Recreation

We are back with another rendition of the County Cup. This month we saw employees get egged, cracked on, and even slimed with the egg ’ s gooey substance. Participants came out to the Public Works building to show off their egg tossing skills. The competition began with participants starting 5 feet apart. With each successful catch, the pairs moved back in 5 foot increments. As the tournament went on, pairs got more competitive in fear that the egg could be crushed at any moment. “ The competitiveness and enthusiasm of everyone was the most exciting part, ” Joe Falin, programs and facilities supervisor said. “ I didn ’ t know people could get so competitive over tossing an egg. ” “ Some departments even practiced at home in preparation for the tournament, ” Falin said. “ Jenna and Crystal from Finance surprised everyone making it 45 feet before cracking out. As the leaderboards stand, the Finance Department is in the lead followed by the Department of Social Services and the Department of Public Works. Congratulations to Ryan and Joey from Public Works for being the ultimate champions and receiving egg toss trophies!

Check out the leaderboard on the next page to see the departments ranking in the top 10!

Our “ DogGone ” Fence

By: Orange County Department of Parks & Recreation

As the Orange County Department of Parks and Recreation nears completion of the SkyDog Orange Dog Park, we are launching a new initiative called “ Our DogGone Fence ” with a memorial sign of your furry friend. With your donation, this memorial sign will be displayed along the chain link fencing at the SkyDog Orange Dog Park and will include information such as the dog ’ s name, information about its lifespan, a short remembrance message, and recognition of the individual/family/group that provided for the memorial. In order to be displayed at our grand opening of the SkyDog Orange Dog Park, all orders must be received by Sunday, May 21, 2023. To order your sign, visit our online portal to donate or print a form here and submit via email to Joe Falin at or via the USPS to P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960 Attn: Joe Falin. Want to know more about the SkyDog Orange Dog Park? Visit our Parks and Recreation website for more details or contact Joe Falin, programs and facilities supervisor at (540) 661 - 5323 or email

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Page 30 | May, 2023

American Woodmark Foundation Donates to County Departments

By: Orange County Parks and Recreation

This month Orange County Parks and Recreation and the Office on Youth received donations from the American Woodmark Foundation to sponsor Playin ’ in the Park, Orange County ’ s annual Independence Day celebration, and Orange County High School ’ s After - Prom program. This is one of many donations the Office on Youth and Parks and Recreation has received over the years. These donations will help the Office on Youth hold events that prevent juvenile delinquency, which is their main goal. During After - Prom, the Office on Youth are able to ensure safety of off - campus events and other activities instead of engaging in high - risk behavior. “ This time is important for those heading off to college as a final farewell, ” Alisha Vines, director of the Office on Youth, said. “ This is one of the best events all year! ”

American Woodmark is a kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer headquartered in Winchester, Virginia with a manufacturing plant located in the Town of Orange.

What is Michael ’ s Mile?

By: Orange County Parks and Recreation

Michael ’ s Mile is a color fun run in honor of Michael Ridgeway, who died at the age of six (6). His friends and family remember him for his unwavering compassion and giving personality. It wasn ’ t uncommon that he would show up to his kindergarten class with homemade presents for everyone. Michael ’ s family and friends thought the best way to keep his memory alive was to create a program called Michael ’ s Gift that would reflect his caring attitude toward others. The purpose of Michael ’ s Gift is to help Orange County youth reach their full potential by funding enrichment activities such as karate, art classes, sports programs, music lessons, and more. Parent ’ s who cannot afford to pay for their children ’ s extracurricular activities or equipment apply to the Michael ’ s Gift fund for help in managing these costs. The Michael ’ s Mile Color Fun Run serves as an opportunity to donate to the Michael ’ s Gift and help local families in Orange County. Each participant in the Color Fun Run will receive a free t - shirt at the event!

Page 31 | May, 2023

Page 32 | May, 2023

Ready. Get Set. Grill!

By: Orange County Public Library

Grilling season is upon us as Memorial Day and summer are approaching! That means it is time to fire up the grill and try some new recipes. Who knows, you may even become your home ’ s very own grill master. When most people think of grilling, hot dogs, burgers, or steak come to mind. However, a grill can be used for SO much more than these items. In the Ultimate Grilling Cookbook , readers will learn how to cook diverse meals on a grill and expand their knowledge and usage beyond the basics. In the Complete Barbecue Cookbook , readers will learn the heart of what makes BBQ soul food and provide tips on unique ways it can be cooked. Lastly, we ’ ve all heard the term grill master. Becoming one takes patience, experience, cool gadgets, knowledge, the right recipes, and a lot of practice. In the Master Of The Grill , one will experience a wide variety of recipes for meat, seafood, vegetables, and more!

Find all of these books at the Orange County Library today!

Page 33 | May, 2023

Animal Caretaker Child Care Lead Teacher - LES Child Care Lead Teacher - LGPS Child Care Lead Teacher - OES Child Care Teacher - LES Child Care Teacher - LGPS Child Care Teacher - OES Child Care Teacher Assistant - OES Library Aide - Orange Library

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Emergency Communications Officer Deputy Sheriff

Firefighter / EMT Firefighter / Medic Human Resources Generalist Tourism Counselor

Page 34 | May, 2023

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Citizens Ask...

Q: How do I find Orange County meeting agenda ’ s online?

A: Interested parties can visit our CivicClerk® Public Portal here.

Q: How do I find out what surplus property and equipment is for sale by the County?

A: Orange County Procurement utilizes for surplus sales. Contact Amanda Amos, Contracts and Procurement Specialist at with any questions.

Page 35 | May, 2023

Orange County Public Hearings

Board of Supervisors

Planning Commission

• Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

• Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Board of Supervisors ’ Meeting Room Orange County Public Safety Building 11282 Government Center Drive, Orange

Public comment is at the second meeting of the month.

This information is for reference only. Specific information about hearing topics and schedules will be available in that meeting ’ s agenda packet when published. Agendas can be accessed in the online Agenda Center. Please note that due to the monthly publication schedule of this newsletter, it is possible that some upcoming public hearings may not be listed. Pursuant to the applicable section of the Code of Virginia, notices for all public hearings will be posted in our newspaper of circulation (The Orange County Review) at least seven days prior to the hearing date, or as required by code.

Eric Bittner

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Urban Planner

Eric Bittner serves as an urban planner and works Development Services ’ Planning and Zoning Division reviewing site plans, site zoning, special use permits, and collaborating with his peers to develop long range planning. Eric is very interested in history and reading, video games, and PENS. He is an avid collector of over 200 pens. Rollerball pens are by far his favorite because they produce thicker lines and require less pressure. Eric ’ s interest in history translates into his job of being a planner and preparing for the next generation. Eric enjoys being a planner because it allows him to be involved in the community and gain an interesting perspective on how things are developed like sidewalks. He enjoys the challenge of creative problem solving to help accomplish the needs of the business community, government, and citizens.

Juanesta Williams

Support Technician

Page 36 | May, 2023

Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Cosmo

Looking for a gently giant? Look no further!

With Cosmo ’ s cuddly, warm, and calm vibes, he has become popular among visitors and volunteers. This boy loves walks, naps, and is ready to greet anyone who walks in the door!

He is the BEST walker too!

Come see the sweetest who will soon melt your heart!

If interested, please go to the Orange County website and fill out the preadoption application and submit it by email to the Director at

Page 37 | May, 2023 Find your new best friend at The Orange County Animal Shelter

Visit us on Facebook Find Adoptable Pets (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

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