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Don’t Let Back Pain Slow You Down This Summer! 5 KEYS TO A HEALTHY SPINE

1. Give your lower back a break. Sitting is the position that puts the most pressure on your lower back. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are limiting your sitting to about 30 minutes at a time. Take frequent breaks and try to incorporate standing and walking into your routine – your lumbar spine will thank you for it! 2. Protect your spine with better posture. How you sit, stand, stretch, and lift all play a role in the pressure you put on your spine. We all know to bend with our knees – not our back – when lifting, but how often do we really do it? When picking up items from the floor or low shelves, make sure you are really bending down deep with your knees to avoid putting stress on your spine. When walking and sitting, imagine a string pulling you up straight from the top of your head. This brings your neck, shoulders, and back into better alignment. 3. Tighten your core muscles. Your core muscles are made up of your abdominal muscles, spinal muscles, and pelvic/hip muscles. It’s very common for these muscles to weaken with prolonged sitting, before/after pregnancy, and after surgeries or injuries. Strengthening your core muscles can go a long way in providing the necessary muscular support to your spine. Make sure to consult a Physical Therapist to discuss which exercises work best for your personal needs. (continued inside)


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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health and Caring For Your Body

Increase Your Productivity with a Healthier Back 5 KEYS TO A HEALTHY SPINE

4. Improve your nutrition. Your body is a machine, and machines need to be properly tuned in order to run effectively. You need to give yourself the correct fuel to feed the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and discs in your spine, as well as the surrounding muscles and tissues. Make sure to eat dark green leafy vegetables, lean protein, and stay hydrated. Avoid smoking and fried foods, which actually harm your tissues and make pain more prevalent. 5. Get moving! Your body was made to move - especially your spine. It’s common for areas of your spine to tighten up, placing too much strain on other

areas, which then become irritated and painful. Restore the flexibility in your spine with specialized hands-on therapy like chiropractic adjustments and massage. You can also participate in Yoga and/or Pilates to improve your stability, strength, and spinal balance. Your spine is the largest component of the nervous system, which acts as the conductor of your body. Aside from controlling mobility, your spine is integral in transmitting messages to and from your brain. Even if you’re not experiencing back, shoulder, or neck pain, it’s incredibly important to stay proactive in your spinal health. Sit less, exercise more, be cognizant of your posture, and make sure to fuel yourself with nutritious foods. It’s the best way to invest in a healthier you!

ADVANCEDWELLNESS CLINICIAN SPOTLIGHT DOCTOR FLOYD N. MICHEL JR., DC “Seeing patients achieve their maximum potential physically, mentally, and emotionally is really what it’s all about.” Meet Our Experienced Team Of Experts

Dr. Floyd N. Michel Jr. is a Chiropractic Physician with over 30 years of clinical experience serving the needs of patients with neck and back complaints,discproblems,scoliosis,radiatingpain and numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, and hip conditions. He previously owned a private practice for 25 years, building a successful community outpatient clinic from the ground up, largely driven by referrals from satisfied patients. Dr. Michel graduated fromRutgers University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, then served as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps where he was discharged honorably at the rank of First Lieutenant. Through his training, he learned the true meaning of leadership, communication, dedication, and teamwork. He

then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic for graduate studies where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He was admitted as a membertoPiTauDeltahonorsociety foracademic excellence. Dr. Michel is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. As an active member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors, he continually increases his knowledge base and skills in all aspects of patient care. His goal for all patients is to identify thecauseof theirdiscomfort and correct it - not only to relieve pain, but to offer a more permanent solution to resolve it. In his free time Dr. Michel loves to spend time with family and friends, work out at the gym, walk his dogs, and go sport fishing out on the ocean.


Most of us will experience back or neck pain at some point in our lives. It’s the price we pay for walking on two legs. If you suffer from the occasional ache, or have chronic low back or neck pain, you may be a candidate for physical therapy. The goal with PT is to safely relieve your pain without the need for costly and abrasive surgeries. In fact, recent studies point to the fact that patients who underwent a common fusion procedure for the spine were more likely to have a second surgery within 2 years*. The best way to avoid the need for spine surgery is to improve the health of your spine, and physical therapy plays a key role in making that happen. WHY DOES YOUR NECK OR BACK HURT? One thing to understand about neck and back pain is that it is mechanical. Just as a car can have problems with moving parts, so too can your spine. The daily barrage of strain on our backs caused by sitting for long periods of time, lifting improperly, and insufficient nutrition can wreak havoc on our spines.

The good news is that your body is adaptable and you can typically treat your pain just by taking steps to increase your mobility and adjust your mechanics. With the right treatment and training, your back or neck can usually make a full recovery naturally – without the need for invasive surgeries and procedures.

Most spine pain comes from the following 4 trouble areas: 1. Poor posture and alignment 2. Lack of knowledge on how to properly bend, lift, sit, sleep 3. Lack of muscle strength 4. Poor flexibility and muscle coordination

*AnandVeeravagu,TylerCole,BowenJiang,JohnK.RatliffTheSpineJournal,Vol.14, Issue 7, p1125–1131 Published online: October 14 2013


1. Increased Range of Motion. Adjustments relieve areas of tension in the spine, neck, and joints, thus increasing your mobility. Chiropractic care is all about realigning your spine, which is the first step towards attaining ideal musculoskeletal function. When your spine iscorrectlyaligned, the tissuesandmuscles follow suit – making your body a well-oiled machine primed for performance. 2. Improved Strength, Balance, and Coordination. Chiropracticadjustments,aswellasmodalities like stimulation and massage increase the blood flow to your muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients for conditioning and recovery. Adjustments can also work to correct asymmetries in the body, gradually taking pressure off of the affected side and increasing strength in the other. This can fundamentally improve balance and coordination – vital functions for an athlete to master. 3. Injuries Treated Naturally. Chiropractic is a common treatment option for athletes who want to avoid drugs and invasive

“Chiropractic just makes you feel so much better. When I walk out of the clinic, I feel like I’m about three inches taller and everything’s in place. And as long as I see the chiropractor, I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game.” – Tom Brady, New England Patriots During the 1989 Super Bowl, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana was treated by a chiropractor at halftime. His adjustment was televised live during the broadcast and served as the first introduction to sports chiropractic for many viewers across the country. Montana sang the praises of his regular adjustments, remarking, “Chiropractic’s been a big part of my game.” TheentireNFLtooknotice,realizing inthatmoment thatchiropracticcare isn’t just for treating injuries, it’salsoan invaluableproactivemeasureto improve performance.Since then, the vastmajorityof MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL, and Olympic teams have followed suit. Here’s a look at what regular chiropractic adjustments can do for athletes of all levels:

procedures. Different techniques can relieve and treat things like headaches, sciatica, shoulder pain, and wrist, hip, and ankle injuries naturally. Chiropractic doesn’t just treat the pain, it corrects the structural problem, which can lead to long-term relief without performance-inhibiting pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

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