Cannapages May/June 2023 Edition - Phoenix/Tucson

Vol 5. Edition 5

News from CannaTown

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CANNASCOPES : Discover Your Fortune! Aries - eir insults kind of hurt, but they were right about the Jujyfruits literally spilling from your lips. Taurus - You’re not supposed to see the bride before you wed, sure, but don’t you think you should’ve met rst? Gemini - Something about the concept of digital trading cards of yourself isn’t work- ing, like you should’ve made more than one. Cancer - Sad to say, but the stars acciden- tally put your fortune in a cookie at the Southdale P.F. Chang’s. Leo - ere’s no better time in life, than ap- proximately forty-two days, 16 hours and 39 minutes from now. Virgo - Your date was cool to learn you have cats but she’s not gonna like that you carry them around in your trenchcoat.

Libra - is new business venture could be pretty lucrative, although, you’re not sure how much blood to keep for yourself. Scorpio - If someone calls you an NPC you’re gonna cut to the chase and ask what you should eat for dinner. Sagittarius - ey were impressed you were a “high roller” until you brought out your skates. Capricorn - Even with a news crew and Guinness judges at your house you can never tell anyone about the size of your poopie. Aquarius - You will inherit a collection of used paper clips. Pisces - Years ago, you woke up doing phan- tom hand movements, unable to tell what was going on until someone put a Hurdy Gurdy on your lap and you played F  r Elise.

What Came to Pass News in Brief

New book tells lukewarm story of fancy cheese It was ten millennia ago, and a peasant had just gotten kicked in the head by a cow as it was milked. e thick cream, sitting in a sheepskin container, coagulated into curds and whey, the rennet unknowingly making possible the rst of the world's fancy cheeses as the peasant fell unconscious for a week. From farm to fromage, history was made. Now, the new book e History of Fancy Cheese , tells the lukewarm story behind the fancy cheeses we know and love to eat char- cuterie-style. From humble origins in dank, musky stables, to its place at royal feasts, this skunky tale answers all the questions human- ity has wondered about fancy cheese things. Stephen Miller sues M&M's for Infringement e former presidential advisor sued MARS for stealing and using his patented candy shell head for their M&M spokes-characters, a claim the company calls "mildly accurate."

Graduates receive participation trophies, Pg B4

Stories in Today’s Other Sections

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