Music City Plastic Surgery - January 2019





With the start of the new year, people are taking on all types of new tasks and experiences. While the prospect of goal setting is beneficial, the process of starting something new can frankly be daunting. You’re probably familiar with those fearful butterflies you feel in your stomach when you start a new experience, so I want to spend some time exploring the subject of fear. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel afraid: faster breathing, pounding heartbeat, turning stomach, and racing thoughts. Fear plays an interesting role in people’s lives. Sometimes fear can be motivating, and other times, it can be paralyzing. It all just depends on how you approach it. There have been several moments in my life where, upon starting a new venture, I felt enormous waves of fear. My first day walking onto the Notre Dame football field is a great example. Once tryouts were complete, I joined the team who had already been practicing together for a few weeks during summer two-a-days. Being uncertain how I would fit in, physically, as well as socially, I had a choice. I could cower on the sidelines or I could get in there and face the challenge. With the first hit, all my concerns and worries disappeared and I just focused on playing. From that point on, I knew the rest of the concerns would take care of themselves. While the experience was a little unsettling, taking action on the football field was much easier than taking action in my practice world. I still remember the nerve wracking

feeling of opening my practice that first day almost seven years ago. I had basically been flying by the seat of my pants. It had been only a month since I decided to open my own solo practice and all the tasks I needed to do to make it happen just kind of fell into place. It was definitely a blessing from God. Within only a month, we were able to secure a location, build a website, get a phone number, and purchase all the necessary equipment. While it was slightly chaotic and definitely stressful, the fluidity of the process solidified my decision and let me know that this was God’s plan for me. Throughout all of my big experiences, whether out on the football field or in the office, I’ve found that taking action is far better than squandering away valuable time with worry. Taking action relieves fear and

anxiety. If I allowed myself to succumb to the “what if” thoughts I had on the field (What if I’m not strong enough, or fast enough, or big enough?) or the “what if” thoughts about the office (What if I can’t make it on my own, or stay open, or get enough patients?), my life would have ended up far different than what it is today. So to anyone out there who is feeling fearful about taking on a new task in 2019, my advice is don’t let the fear get the best of you. Take action, make the hit, or throw caution to the wind. You’ll never know what could happen unless you try.

–Dr. Mike

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