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We’re so blessed to have family who can travel. I have one sister in Colorado and another in Minnesota, and both will make the trek to our home here in Huntley. I want to make it worth their time, so I’ve made some plans. First, we’re going to the Turkey Testicle Festival. It’ll be our first time. They (the testicles) look just like popcorn chicken in the pictures. If you’ve tried them, you should tell us what we’re in for. I love the idea of sending my sisters back to Minnesota and Colorado to tell everyone they tried an authentic Huntley, Illinois, turkey testicle. When we’re together, my sisters and I love to bake. It’s a tradition for us to try new recipes. But I’m not messing with the turkey. I’ll do all the baking, but I’ll leave the bird to someone who can cook it without a hitch. We might actually deep-fry it anyway, being careful to not burn the house down. We just love being together. Our kids do, too. For Mike and I, holidays are all about family. One of the things we’re most grateful for this Thanksgiving season is having a family that is so close-knit, even though we live far apart. You don’t always see families getting along this well at special occasions. But we do our best because we make each other a priority, and if we can pass that along to our kids, well, we’d love that. On the subject of gratitude, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how grateful we are for our loyal patients. You give us purpose every day. Our friends at Del Webb, especially, are just so good to us. We’re grateful we’ve found a community to serve, grow with, and call our home.

If you’ve ever raised teenage daughters, you know how long they can tie up the bathroom. They take long showers and spend forever in front of the mirror, primping and dolling themselves up. When my three sisters were growing up, we had one tiny bathroom to share. It was a bit of a challenge, but we made it work. Privacy was hard to come by. We shared rooms for most of my life. Luckily, that prepared us for the holidays. This year, it’s my turn to host my sisters and their families for Thanksgiving. It’ll be a lot of air mattresses and waiting for the bathroom, but it’s no problem for my sisters and me. It’s how we’ve always operated anyway. Regardless of close quarters, I couldn’t be more excited to spend the holiday with my family. If you’re married, you probably know about the switch- off method for holidays. Maybe you even practice it. Thanksgiving with one side, Christmas with the other, and switch it up the next year. My family does it, and it works beautifully. We’ll spend Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with Mike’s. Next year, we’ll switch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Emilie Ulmer | 1

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