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Working with Behaviors through a Trauma-Informed Lens BEHAVIORAL SUPPORTS, SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL SUPPORTS

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This course will assist educators with developing a trauma-informed lens, to help work with students with challenging behaviors. Participants will learn how to identify function of behavior, the principles of function-focused intervention and receive strategies to respond to the needs of children who need the most love, but ask for it in the most unloving of ways.

Intended Audience

Paraprofessionals, general and special education teachers, site administrators, and district administrators.

LCAP Priorities


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– (442) 292-5094 x200 # 02:00 Hours

TPP Beginning-of-the-Year Meeting COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS

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At the TPP Beginning-of-the-Year Meeting, the Desert Mountain SELPA’s career technical education team invites Dr. Shree Walker, former director of the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) in Los Angeles County, a published author, and motivational speaker. Dr. Walker utilizes practical resolution to support diverse learners and develops policies and procedures to ensure students have improved educational outcomes and stability, minimal disruptions, and endless possibilities.

Intended Audience

Transition case technicians, job developers, TPP teachers, TPP instructional assistants, rehabilitation counselors, TPP job coaches, and secondary special education teachers.

LCAP Priorities


PROJECT MANAGER, CTE – (760) 646-8000 x365 # 04:30 Hours

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