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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, (PBIS) TK-12 - Facilitated Work Group Training PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PATHWAY

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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a multi-tiered behavioral framework for enhancing the adoption and implementation of a continuum of evidence-based interventions. Teams include the participation of a site-based coach and a site administrator. The administrator has executive leadership authority to approve and support team decisions (e.g., adequate funding, resource allocation, Information Technology - IT support, and positions). Each day has unique content and builds on previous knowledge to enhance systems and practices as needed for current level of implementation.

Required Courses

Tier 1 Implementation (Year One) • The Role of a PBIS Coach • TFI Action Planning: Tier 1 • Team Work Group • Planning for Implementation Kick-Off

Tier 2 Readiness (Year Two) • TFI Action Planning: Tier 2 & 3 • Team Work Group • Aligning PBIS and SEL • Team Work Group Tier 2 Implementation (Year Three) • CICO Adaptations: Breaks are Better, Check & Connect • Team Work Group • Introduction to Tier 3: Readiness Tools

Intended Audience

Paraprofessionals, general and special education teachers, site administrators, and district administrators.

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