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Tier 1: Early Childhood Trauma-Informed PBIS PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PATHWAY

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Early Childhood Trauma Informed Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (EC PBIS) is a multi-tiered behavioral framework for enhancing the adoption of PBIS through a trauma-informed lens. It is a framework that promotes social-emotional development, prevents challenging behaviors and addresses problematic behaviors. At the Tier 1 level, Teams will learn how to build their schools pro-social environment by establishing a system with common language, common practices, and a common vision. Selected program representatives will attend four days of coaching/trainers of trainers (tot) sessions along with preschool directors/administrators.

Required Courses Module 1: Readiness Module 2: Effective Workforce/ Nurturing and Responsive Relationships • Step 1- Establish a PBIS classroom team. • Step 2- Building Consensus Module 3: High Quality Supportive Environments Part 1 • Step 3- Identify Expectations • Step 4- Teach Expectations Module 4: High Quality Supportive Environments Part 2 • Step 5- Create an acknowledgment system. • Positive behavior tools and strategies Module 5: Responding to Behaviors • Step 6- Discouraging Challenging Behavior Module 5: Data Based Decision Making • Step 7- Develop Data-Based Procedures for Monitoring

Intended Audience Early childhood educators, site administrators, district administrators, and paraprofessionals.

LCAP Priorities

Ɔ Pupil Achievement, Pupil Engagement, School Climate, Parent Involvement

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