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Congrats, you made it one more year! In business, simply surviving a year can be a big accomplishment. I don’t know if you’ve started planning for 2019 yet, but I’m deep in the middle of a project right now to ensure 2019 is The Newsletter Pro’s best year ever. To help with that, I’ll be spending much of next week working on a new book that will be out in about 60 days. More details on that to come soon! Inside this newsletter, you’re going to see an article I wrote about the coming recession. I’m not trying to fearmonger here, but mark my words, it is coming. The economy goes in cycles, and many of the estimates I’m hearing signal that the end of 2019 or early 2020 is the start of the next recession. Of course, a recession is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be, especially if you’re not prepared. I hate to put a damper on the new year with this talk of a down economy, but I also don’t want you to kick off next year unprepared. With that

said, I strongly urge you to implement these three strategies, all of which will be beneficial whenever the economy turns. The best-case scenario is the economy keeps going through 2020 and you’re more stable and growing. The first strategy you MUST implement is relationship marketing. I’ve been preaching this all year long because it is that important. Relationship marketing is a complicated — but necessary — beast. Think about it like this: If the economy shifts and I’m suddenly spending more time considering how much money I’m spending, why would I continue to do business with you over going to the lowest-priced person in town? What is going to stop me from using that coupon I just got in the mail? Of course, you could say service, but doesn’t everyone say they have the best service? You may have a unique selling proposition, but most of our competitors can mimic those. So, how do we go out and create a relationship marketing campaign? All relationships start with communication. Trust is built over time with a lot

of communication. Don’t take my word for it; the first result in a quick Google search says this:

“Communicate, communicate, communicate. Frequent, honest communication builds trust.”

So if you’re communicating with clients twice per year plus each time you want money, how much trust do you think you’re building? Nearly zero. If you stop your communication, how long before all the trust you’ve built is gone? My research shows that if you go six months without communicating with your customers and prospects, your trust is equal to that of a brand-new vendor in your category. That means that the right offer at the right time will cause a customer to leave and try your competitor. At a minimum, you’ll lose that revenue for that transaction, and you run the risk of losing the customer forever. The challenge is how do you communicate with a customer or prospect on a regular basis so they will pay attention and consume what you’re telling them? We also need to solve the problem of not boring them and communicating at scale. Continued on page 2 ...




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