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J uly 2020

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L istening , L earning , and S peaking U p

Shelly Coffman

Just when you think things can’t get any loonier, they do. I think back to November 8, 2016, and pinpoint that to the time when the fabric of the space-time continuum must have split, because no sci-fi writer could make this stuff up! At least, not the sheer volume of WTF events — too unbelievable! Remember when the Presidential campaign was all over the news? Yeah, I barely remember that either. Each month of 2020 has brought us additional stress to navigate and new, heartbreaking news and challenges. The terribly tragic and avoidable death of George Floyd (AFTER SO. MANY. OTHERS.) has devastated our local and national community. George Floyd’s death was also a beacon of light, shining on the deeply ingrained, long-standing divisions still present in our society. This comes at a time when the coronavirus has also given rise to anger and xenophobia worldwide. There has been rioting and rage and also monumental peaceful protests of the sheer magnitude of persistent injustice that caused George Floyd’s death and so many others. As a business owner, and as a mom —my other super important job — I feel compelled to say it out loud, to condemn injustice and discrimination, and to reaffirm our commitment as a team, as a family, and as a community, to live by our values and care for our community every day. We will cultivate a space that makes equality, diversity, and openness priorities, set an example for the greater community, as well as hold each other accountable to that standard. Sadly, some in our greater community

needed the reminder that we need to continue to listen and learn from one another. We have to hold the space to be safe, inclusive, and above all, show respect for different perspectives and backgrounds that are different from our own experiences. We are here to speak up when we witness intolerance, mistreatment, or bias. We will not stand idly by uncomfortably, but instead we will SAY SOMETHING. Silence does not beget change. We will actively seek to be a part of the creation of change. We will DO SOMETHING. We will actively continue to work to create an inclusive environment. One of the things I have always loved about my job is the many ways I am educated on the daily. I have the opportunity to be schooled in so many things by the people who cross my path. We will continue to listen, but also to seek out different perspectives. We’ll create a safe environment that respects different points of view and communication styles that may be different from our own. The space-time continuum may have split us off in to some crazy times, but we plan to be a part of what gets us back on a viable path. We don’t seek to repair that fabric. It was bad to begin with. We are here to build a new day together, be a part of a new foundation, following those who need our support, and continuing to lend it. Maybe these crazy times are actually not crazy at all. Maybe they’re just what we all needed. Reboot 2020? We’re down with that. Let’s make it work better this time, together. –-Shelly Coffman

Ages ago, our ancestors spent their days constantly in motion, engaged in activities for their survival. According to Harvard evolutionary biologist Jason Lieberman, hunter-gatherers probably walked more than 5 miles every day. As a result, humans enjoy their best health when they remain mostly upright and in motion. But nowadays, finding your next meal doesn’t require nearly as much travel (unless it’s a drive to the closest takeout restaurant). Many jobs ask that we stay sedentary for the majority of the day, and when we’re not working, our couch and the latest Netflix docuseries beckon. While sitting may have become part of our daily lives, we don’t have to suffer the consequences. Here are five quick exercises to help ease back and neck pain to combat many of the other painful side effects of sitting. Head Up, Shoulders Back First, let’s talk about posture. Health experts recommend focusing on keeping your ears directly above your shoulders to reduce the amount of pressure on your neck and back. Next, pull your shoulders back. Help make these postures into a habit by making sure your computer is at eye level 5 EXERCISES TO REDUCE THE PAINFUL SIDE EFFECTS OF SITTING

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