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SELLING IN TODAY’S ECONOMY Everyone Has Completely UNDERESTIMATED the Difficulty of the Task

and Apple was, so I talked to hundreds of people and sold as many Apple computers as I could. I even sold one to my grandma, because they were good computers and I wanted to win. Selling in 1996 was different than it is today. In 1996, the internet was really just starting out, and pretty much no one was using it. Even when someone did use it, the information available on it was minimal, to say the least. So, when a family wanted a new computer, they didn’t research it on the internet; they came in and let some 16-year- old kid tell them what RAM is or how much hard drive space they’d need. Of course, like any good salesperson, I also had to make them aware it would be a travesty for them to not buy the five-

Selling is so much more difficult than it ever has been because the rules of the game have changed. But few people and companies have evolved. I’ve always been able to sell, ever since I was a little kid, and even into my very first big-boy job, The Good Guys, where I sold computers. Sales seemed simple back then. People walked in, I talked and educated them, and they bought or didn’t buy. I remember, during my first 45 days there, they had a contest to see who could sell the most Apple computers. First place was a trip to Las Vegas. Today, it may feel like selling Apple computers would be easy, but in 1996, Apple computers were not cool. What everyone wanted was this brand-new thing called a Pentium Processor. But, Intel was not offering a contest,

“Just because people inquire doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. They may be in the research phase still, and maybe they wanted to get some information from you, so that’s why IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW UP .”

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