2021-2022 Annual Report

STEM Science/STEM classes in the EC are all hands-on, discovery-based experiences which highlight the 4 most basic sciences – Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth Science. Labs include experimenting with chemical reactions, learning about sinking and floating, light, friction, parts of plants, animal habitats and life cycles, and much more!

374 EC Science Experiments Conducted

Thank you to Sharon & Barry Horn for donating butterfly gardens to every EC classroom. For the first time, children of all ages in the EC could enjoy watching chrysalises hatch into beautiful butterflies!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION P.E. in the EC is proudly provided by PowerKids! The structured curriculum is action-packed, heart pounding, and fun. Students use sports skills, age-appropriate challenges and a weekly obstacle course to promote gross motor development, strength, locomotion, vestibular coordination, confidence and a love to move! Babies through PreK advance through the program at their own pace to ensure success and pride in themselves. Each class experience also promotes sportsmanship, following directions, friendship, respect and inclusion.

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