The Livewell Collective - March 2019


MARCH 2019


Seeing as March is Women’s History Month, I can think of no better time to shout out the amazing women who have helped shape CrossFit into the community it is today. Looking all the way back to the earliest days when Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai put their ideas in motion, many of the defining pioneers, innovators, strategists, and trendsetters of this community have been women. I’m lucky enough to have met several of them in person. A big name that comes to mind is Nicole Carroll. Old-school CrossFitters remember Nicole for the way she powered through the infamous “nasty girls” workout, alongside legendary athletes Eva T. and Annie Sakamoto, in under 13 minutes. Today, as CrossFit’s director of training and certification, she helps countless men and women through

welcoming environment is its coed nature. As a former high school athlete, I’ll readily admit that the locker room of my all-boys baseball team certainly didn’t prepare me for the real world. Coming to CrossFit, where every box I’ve called home has had a near-even split of men and women, is much more reflective of reality. Struggling through a hero WOD alongside members of the opposite sex quickly dissolves one’s gender biases. Last, but far from least, there are the thousands of women who take on the mantle of affiliate owner. This job has afforded me the opportunity to meet countless amazing women who have stepped beyond just being a member or coach and into the challenging world of running a box. We’ve featured some of these great owners in this newsletter — women like Ashley Thompson, Nathalie Mejias, and Liv Bellanti. Each has their own story of how they came to CrossFit, but they are united with an entrepreneurial spirit and raw gumption that is truly inspiring. I will always hold women who have owned their own business in high esteem. My mom raised my brother and me while going into private practice as a therapist. To this day, I’m astounded at her ability to keep so many plates spinning in the air at once. Of all the business books and entrepreneurial figures I looked to when starting this company, she has remained my primary source of inspiration. Having owned her own practice for 40 years now, she’s still grinding away, getting up early and staying late, helping improve people’s lives. I could think of no better role model for me as a business owner or a human being. To the men reading this, let’s do our part this month to shout out the accomplishments of the ladies in our lives. To the women, thank you for all you do to make CrossFit such a great community.

her tutelage. After meeting Nicole at last year’s Games, I can say with certainty that she has an incredibly sharp mind in addition to her raw talent as an athlete. With leadership like hers, the future of

CrossFit is in good hands.

Of course, CrossFit has been shaped by far more women who never made it to the big stage. You don’t have to be a

Nicole Carol or a Katrín Davíðsdóttir — coaches and members alike have a grassroots role in helping our community improve. Part of what makes CrossFit feel like such a healthy,

–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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