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Best Director Award Caleb Tod (S) The Waiting Game

Second Equal: Overall House play October Offensive (Cf) The Waiting Game (S) Tothill Cup, Best House Play This is a Test (C) Adjudicator’s Special Awards – 2019 Magic Moments October Offensive – the final push The Fourth Wall – Kelly's stagehand Murder at Merryweather Mansion – the big guns showdown The Waiting Game – the chase Three Doors to Death – Gazza’s death Superficia – archive boy smile Rapunzel Uncut – birth of Rapunzel

Director’s Awards For overall realisation of script as a cohesive and compelling performance Tom Vincent (C) This is a Test Alex McKenzie-Rimmer (Cf)

Runner-up Best Actor Award Dominic Edmond (Lieutenant Mackenzie Gibson) October Offensive

Sarah Higginson, Adjudicator

Best Actor Award Jamie Yee (Alan) This is a Test

October Offensive Tom Davidson (F) S uperficia


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