Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

Board of Trustees July 29, 2021 Executive Summary – Facility Naming and Capital Update Facilities Naming Policies and Update CWU’s Facility Naming policy (CWUP 2-10-080) outlines rules and definitions for naming facilities and prominent units of a facility. The policy includes four general naming definitions: 1. Benefactor name : a name for a facility that recognizes substantial financial contributions by a donor or donors to the university. 2. Commemorative name : the name of an individual person or persons, assigned as a permanent name for a facility. 3. Administrative name : a permanent facility name that is primarily descriptive. (E.g., Biology- Chemistry Building, Language & Literature Building). The name of an individual or corporate entity may not be considered an administrative name. An administrative name is considered permanent even if it is hoped or expected that it will be replaced by a commemorative name. 4. Working name : a temporary name that will be replaced by a permanent administrative or commemorative name. Working names are typically used in the planning, development, and construction phases of a facility. (E.g., Science II, Health Education.) All naming opportunities require the submission of a comprehensive dossier that must include , among other items, t he basis or reason for the naming, including why the proposed name is appropriate to the facility, and a description of the due diligence that has been performed in soliciting input on the naming proposal (CWUR 1-60-040). Type of Facility: The policy defines two types of facilities: 1. Major facility : the entirety of any large or prominent facility. Examples include academic buildings; facilities that the general public visit frequently; prominent interior spaces, such as a main atrium or entrance, auditorium, library, the floor of a building, a playing surface; and prominent exterior spaces, such as a street, plaza, park, quadrangle, or open atrium. In case of doubt, a facility should be considered major. 2. Minor facility: Examples include small structures; facilities designed for service or incidental purposes or that are rarely visited by the general public; most interior spaces, including classrooms, offices, lounges, laboratories' physical space, and workspaces. Naming Authority: When a dossier for a facility has been approved, and with the recommendation of the president, facility naming may proceed. Final approval authority for naming is as follows:

Name Type Benefactor

Major Facility Board of Trustees Board of Trustees

Minor Facility

President President

Commemorative Administrative


Divisional Vice President


VP of Operations

VP of Operations

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