Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

reserves would have been consumed. The FY22 budget assumes 80% occupancy as these restrictions have been released and we expect a recovery in economic conditions.

Enterprise Funds Operations Enterprise Fund Operations ('000s)

FY17 FY18 FY19

FY20 FY21(F)



$47,165 $50,530 $53,538 $48,514 $33,453 $50,605

Expenses Wages & Benefits Goods & Services

13,728 12,097

14,869 12,305 11,989 6,010

16,944 11,896 12,970 8,045

17,163 11,055 10,072 8,723

12,053 8,371 5,988 8,782

17,118 11,631 10,596 8,846

Cost of Goods Sold 12,027

Debt Service Total Expenses


$42,177 $45,173 $49,855 $47,013 $35,194 $48,192

Net Margin

$4,988 $5,357 $3,683 $1,501 ($1,741)


Excludes depreciation

Student Activities Funds - Student activities funds are generated by three kinds of fees: the Services and Activities fee, Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC) fee, and Recreation Center fee. The student activities funds carry debt as part of the CWU System, and much of the revenues are derived from student fees intended to service the debt related to the construction of the SURC. A portion of the Services and Activities fee, which is a component of tuition, goes to service the SURC debt, but the majority funds student-centered programming. Expense drivers for the student activities funds include staff FTE, wage rates, and a considerable number of student employees. The expansion of recreation facilities now open has put some additional pressure on expenses going forward. There are no fee increases planned for FY22 and these fees must be collected as required by our bond covenants regardless of mode of instruction. Fiscal 2021 was a difficult year for the Student Activities funds as the majority of the programming was not feasible due to the pandemic, as a result the fund group experienced a surplus which will be deployed in FY22, leading to a deficit budget in that year.

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