Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

Retention, Continuation and Graduation Rates for New Student Groups Fall 2011 to Fall 2021 Cohorts Historical and Estimated July 19, 2021 CWU follows two groups of incoming undergraduate students each fall term, those who are first-time full-time students at the university after high school (FTFTF) and those who transfer in from another university. Of the transfer students, we differentiate between those who have earned an Associate’s degree or Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) and those without (non-DTA). FTFTF Headcount and Retention Rates Enrollment Management predicts that CWU will welcome 1800 new first-time students in fall 2021. Academic and Student Life (ASL) estimates that 1213 or the 1670 first-time students who started in fall 2020 will return in fall 2021, see Chart 1, below. Chart 1 : Returning Prior Year First-Year Cohort Enrollment measured by the number of weeks out from the first day of the fall term. Fall 2021 assumes increase of 30 students/week up to Week 2 and zero growth thereafter.

With these two assumptions, we present new student enrollment from 2011 through 2020 will historical data and estimates for 2021.

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