Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

Central Washington University Board of Trustees July 30, 2021 Action – Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Approval

Central Washington University’s anticipated operating revenue and expenses for Fiscal Year 2022, will be approximately $230 and $227 million, respectively, up almost 11% from the prior year actuals. These budgets reflect the anticipated recovery from the impacts of the pandemic, including material assumptions about instructional modality, total enrollment and on-campus occupancy. Significant effort went into reducing the university’s expenses for the prior year, which will not be replicated in the upcoming fiscal year. Risk to this plan includes a change in circumstances surrounding the pandemic. We have proven over the last 15 months that we can be flexible in the face of changing circumstances. The FY 2022 budget assumes 450 fewer students than the prior year fall quarter, 80% of average annual occupancy in our residence and dining halls, and importantly, a resumption of face-to-face instruction.

We recommend the following motion:

The Board of Trustees of Central Washington University hereby approves the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2022 as presented.


Approved for Submittal to the Board

Jim Wohlpart President

Joel Klucking, Vice President Business and Financial Affairs

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