Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

Central Washington University Board of Trustees July 30, 2021 ACTION – Bachelor of Arts Biochemistry

The Departments of Chemistry has developed an alternative to the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biochemistry at CWU in the form of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The Department of Chemistry currently offers three degrees: BS in Chemistry, BA in Chemistry, and a BS in Biochemistry. Approximately one-half of chemistry students start out at BS Biochemistry major, but many of these students leave the program before completing their degree, most often for one of the following reasons: • They are unable or unwilling to complete the required math and physical chemistry courses. • They leave to attend a professional program (pharmacy, medicine, or dentistry), which require the completion of certain coursework, but not the completion of an actual degree. The proposed BA in Biochemistry degree option eliminates the physical chemistry and some of the math courses, creating an option that is more feasible for students who may opt out of the BS program and thereby retain and graduate these students. In addition, since the credit load for this degree is smaller than the BS in Biochemistry option, student planning to attend professional schools will have the opportunity to take the additional courses required for their chosen professional program and leave CWU with a degree. Demand for biochemists is strong nationwide is projected to grow at 5% by 2029. Current several thousand job listings for chemists exist on with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $150,000 for a variety of companies including Quest Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Gilead Sciences, Merck, and Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies including over 40 in the Seattle area. The focus of this degree is on retaining and graduating students in biochemistry to become successful in the field or to support their medical, dental, pharmaceutical or veterinary professional degree. This new degree option enhances CWU’s overall commitment to STEM programs and is a positive response to the needs of business, industry, and the public domain. We recommend the following motion: The Board of Trustees of Central Washington University endorses the recommendation of the Faculty Senate (Motion No. 20-52) and hereby approves the Bachelor of Arts Biochemistry this day July 30, 2021. Submitted Approved for Submittal to the Board:

Michelle DenBeste Provost/VP for Academic & Student Life

Jim Wohlpart President

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