Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

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The Department of Chemistry has done the work to develop the program and understands the benefit of students completing a degree before setting off on their professional programs. The college does not expect to add new faculty to teach these courses, nor would the faculty commitments be at overload rates. The department anticipates utilizing only current course offerings so no new curriculum would be needed. Comparison: The elimination of the math requirements for this Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry makes this program more attainable than some of the other competitive programs in the state. The University of Washington offers both a BS and a BA in Biochemistry, however the BA requires a math sequence that would be equivalent to CWU’s MATH 172, MATH 173, and MATH 272. Washington State University offers two Chemistry BA degrees, both of which require completion of MATH 172. Additionally, because the existing Bachelor of Art in Chemistry requires a series of calculus courses for completion, it is possible that existing students struggling with the advanced math component of this program would switch to the BA in Biochemistry, thus ensuring both their completion of a degree as well as their retention in the Chemistry family of majors. Conclusion: Given that CWU does not offer advanced programs of study in medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry, this new degree provides both the necessary coursework for those professional programs, as well as the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree before pursuing further education. This retention tool will improve both the Department of Chemistry’s overall retention rates as well as the University’s graduation rates and will offer current students who separate because of the advanced math requirements a chance to complete their degree successfully.

i From Department of Chemistry “BA Biochem major checklist – Current Draft ii iii

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