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Then, eight minutes before the gala started, Rob’s internet started tweaking. The connection dipped and spiked repeatedly. We couldn’t get his bandwidth high enough to keep him consistently online! At the last second, we made a daring decision: Until the storm passed, we’d concentrate every bit of bandwidth we had on sharing Rob’s video and audio, cutting off the playback to his iPad. That meant our 120,000-strong audience could see and hear him, but he was emceeing and performing to silence and a black iPad screen! All he had for guidance was my voice in his earpod directing him through every line of the script and show. It was a tense, adrenaline-filled moment, but Rob and Marisol stayed cool, calm, and collected. Together, we flew by the seat of our pants and managed to produce a perfect start to the show. Twenty minutes later, the Wi-Fi recovered. I could have done a victory dance! In that moment, Rob and I were teammates and we’d just won the Super Bowl. I share this story because as exciting as working with celebrities might seem, at the end of the day they’re just human beings with the same ups and downs, emotions, and challenges that all of us have to overcome. Rob’s star power couldn’t keep his internet connection strong! He was just another guy on our team, and we were working side by side to make the magic happen. It’s the same with other performers I’ve worked down in the ditches planned several of Matt Damon’s birthday parties, and he’s much more humble, sweet, and laid-back than his macho persona on screen. Robert De Niro, too, needs an iconic character to bring him to life. In person, he’s a nice, quiet guy who just wants to enjoy a cocktail and plate of appetizers. with like Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. I’ve

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A Quick Word From Our Clients

I’ve only been truly starstruck twice. The first time, I was orchestrating a party for the CEO of Motown Records with hip-hop star Joe at a private mansion, and a friend of his asked me to head downstairs to welcome a special guest. I opened the door and, no joke, out came Stevie Wonder singing “Happy Birthday”! The other interaction that floored me was meeting John Starks of the New York Knicks as an adult. As a kid, I put the entire Knicks team on a pedestal, begging for autographs so often that they started to recognize me. Considering that history, it was a bucket list moment to meet John, Charles Oakley, and Patrick Ewing while working on their Madison Square Garden fan engagement events. With stars in my eyes, I told them how much they impacted my childhood and why the work they’re doing today still matters. No matter how much I grow up from the basketball-loving kid, those celebrity encounters will always feel like magic. Ultimately, what I enjoy most about working with celebrities isn’t their star power. It’s meeting and working with people like The Chainsmokers, The Weeknd, and Sebastian Maniscalco early in their careers and watching their popularity explode. Even if they were only “on my team” once, cheering them on feels like cheering on a friend. - Liron David

“Master of Experience is how I describe Liron and his Eventique team. I hired Eventique to help me transform a rooftop venue in Las Vegas for my company’s meetings and VIP party during ICSC RECon. From conception to completion, I was impressed with their attention to detail, agile creative problem solving, and strive to deliver wow for our attendees and guests. It wound up to be one of our best industry events. If you are looking for an event partner who delivers, the team at Eventique is who I’d recommend hands down and hope to work together again.” —Jerry W. “I have had the pleasure of working with Eventique and their terrific staff at a fundraising event at the [Marlene Meyerson] JCC on Amsterdam Avenue [in Manhattan]. From start to finish, their staff were professional, curious, and very prompt with their email replies. The day of the event, Eventique’s members greeted me and treated myself and my team with the utmost sense of professionalism there is. We collaborated on the event together, and it was a huge success! I highly recommend this company and will be using them in the future on a personal and professional level. Thank you guys again for making work seem so much fun!” —Conrad’s Concessions Events

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