Eventique - April 2022

Case Study


Inside Eventique’s Best Lighting Moments B efore you dive into this article, do yourself a favor: Look around the room you’re in and switch your favorite light on. Maybe it’s a lamp with an amber glow that you love or a quirky overhead fixture. Either way, odds are you enjoy it because it sets the perfect mood in your office or living room.

The Best of the Best Over the last 10-plus years, Eventique has produced a thick portfolio of creative lighting designs. Sometimes they’re subtle — like the grid of old-fashioned bulbs glowing at the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Launch in New York City, or the flickering fireplace at Philosophy’s House of Philosophy event — and other times, they’re the life of the party. The Humane Society of the United States’ To the Rescue! New York event, for example, wouldn’t have been the same without the animals silhouetted in neon at every dinner table — a choice that reinforced their beauty, fleetingness, and importance. Similarly, JCC’s White Hot Saturday Night Gala wouldn’t have been as memorable without its enormous white globe light feature surrounded by a dripping crown of neon spirals. Asked about their all-time favorite lighting designs, Eventique’s team pointed to the walkway made of triangular LED frames at IPsoft’s 20th Anniversary Celebration; the gorgeous green- accented NFT displays and cage of dramatic spotlights at Metapurse’s Dreamverse event; the colorful beer pong tables

In fact, it may be the detail that makes or breaks that mood.

The same thing is true on a larger scale for private parties and corporate events. Lighting is just as important as the food, florals, theme, and music, but it’s often underappreciated and overlooked. Like straight teeth, in many cases, good lighting is something you only notice when it’s absent. “As event producers, lighting tends to be one of the last items we work through because we need the rest of the environment to fall into place. But it’s far from an afterthought; it’s one of the most vital aspects of production,” says Eric Wielander, Eventique’s vice president of creative and strategy. “We lean on our designers to be constantly thinking about the outcome that they will never see until the event day, and then our lighting team brings in the polish within hours.”

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