Eventique - April 2022

Eventique creative director Zied Zouari agrees. “Light; it sounds breezy and light, but in fact, it holds a vital role in our perception of both the real and virtual worlds. Light is the only element that brings our designs to life, delivers sensations through visuals and completely changes our appreciation of a space or an object. As the saying goes, ‘I see the light,’ but I say, ‘The light makes you see.’” Strategy Wins Out Fantastic lighting takes trial and error to achieve, but when the pieces come together, it not only brings out the best of the event, but it also puts the guests at ease and produces compelling, high-quality photos and videos. Martin Jenoff, Eventique’s technical director, discovered that himself while directing shows. He found that bright, overhead lights were giving performers “dry eyes and headaches” and turning out poor videos. “Turning off the overheads and adding some subtle colored back lights, LED desk lights, and small lamps helped the team all around. No more headaches [or] dry eyes, and we had a better and more accurate view of the video feeds,” he says. Ultimately, light is one of the most important tools in a creative’s arsenal. Just as your favorite lamp can set the mood at home, a well-placed fire, strobe, or screen can transform an event. “To light something is to creatively manipulate the space around it,” says Andy Cancel, Eventique’s technical director. “It is an experience; with just the right amount, you can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.”

lit from the inside at Taboola’s Holiday Party; and the elegant green-and-black disco theme at Spotify’s City of Love. To stage these events, Eventique’s team used everything at their disposal, from spotlights, neon, and strobes, to screens and real fire. “This has always been one of my favorite examples of how to incorporate a brand’s signature color into an event through lighting and design,” Wielander says, recalling the 2018 Spotify event. “The second we walked into the room and noticed the three lines of railing along the balcony — mirroring the three sound bars of the Spotify mark — that was it, that anchored everything else.” The team lit the railings up bright green and scattered candles on black-draped tables, bringing both cool and warm Creative and strategic lighting is always key, even in virtual environments like TikTok’s 2021 virtual End of Year Celebration, Sephora’s SEPHORiA: Virtual House of Beauty event, and Eventique’s design for Apple TV+. The latter included the glowering rendering of a tree surrounded by a band of what appears to be bushes flickering with string lights. It’s a warm, mysterious, inviting scene that draws the viewer forward. “This render would be completely different if the lighting was cold or if we [added] more light to it,” explains Eventique 3D Designer Melanie Alvarez. “The great thing about 3D lighting is that we can mold the lighting to focus the viewer’s mood without logistical efforts. We can fake it as much as we want without having a physical light source.” light into the space. Virtual Glow

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