IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

4. Show your values Digitalisation is not the only thing that influences buying behaviour. The reputation of organisations is also increasingly considered before engaging with a company. Especially since issues like climate change, gender discrimination, unfair treatments of employees, racism have been long-established and will continue to be talked about and cared about. 62% of customers have indicated that they have stopped purchasing from organisations of which their values were not aligned with their own (Salesforce, 2020). Finally, it is expected that organisations represent more than their finances. 89% of customers anticipate that an organisation ’s values are accessible and clear, along with 90% that want the organisations to show them as well. As the new generations of customers demand more control in the trajectory of their world, they will actively search for the extent to which organisations are acting responsibly towards their communities and the environment – more so than their predecessors (Salesforce, 2020).



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