IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

analysis (Jhangiani, 2019). The benefit of open-ended items is that they are neutral and do not give respondents assumptions of what the researcher may be searching for. The drawback is that open-ended items are more likely to be skipped by responders since they take longer to answer (Dawer, 2019). The transcription of the open-ended question can be found in Appendix 6: Open-Ended Questions Survey. For this reason, the majority of the questions will be closed-ended. In the survey, the participant will be mainly asked for a 5-point Likert scale as it is simple to understand and use for survey administrators and respondents alike. They offer participants a selection of response alternatives from which to pick. However, closed-ended questions are more difficult to compose because they must provide a suitable set of response possibilities. They are, nevertheless, quite quick and simple for participants to complete. They are also considerably easier to evaluate for academics because the replies can be quickly translated to numbers and placed into a spreadsheet (Jhangiani, 2019). The complete survey can be found in Appendix 3: Survey Questionnaire. 3.3.3 Validity & Reliability Valid surveys contain questions that reflect the topic that is being researched; therefore, key elements must be included. This is called content validity. Besides this, internal validity is also important. This implies that the questions asked in the survey can lead us to a useful outcome. In the case of IACC, the questions should help the data collector recognise and understand the different factors influencing the demand for meeting rooms (Mora, 2020). The external validity ties back to the degree to which the outcomes can be generalised to the targeted population the survey sample is representing. This implies that the questions must represent the thoughts of the target audience about the topic. To accomplish this, exploratory research is frequently required. Reliability focuses on consistency. The survey is reliable if the items are interrelated to ensure internal consistency (Benders, 2021). It does identify the psychographics and construct behavioural or satisfaction segments. It is done by requesting respondents to rate several statements on a rating scale. 3.3.4 Data Collection The survey generated will be sent out to approximately 150 companies. To reach 150 companies, the group will use their own network connections such as reaching out to family members, friends who are working in a large company and posting on different social media platforms. Another method Project Group 10 will be using for contacting companies is to use the HMSM's company database and alumni network. 3.3.5 Data Analysis In order to analyse the survey, graphs will be used to compare and process the complex statistical data. With the help of this format, the data will be organised in a clear format by classifying the different variables. In addition, the graphs will be explained to make them as understandable as possible. Besides the graphs, SPSS will be used. SPSS assists you in collecting, entering, reading, editing, and/or analysing data, as well as in disseminating the results and making choices.



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