IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

3.4.5 Data Analysis Once the interviews have been conducted, they will be transcribed allowing the Project Group to quote the interviewee, and even copy-and-paste specific sections into the coding document. Accurate records help the Project Group prove a specific view, emphasise a particular point, or provide better context for the findings. Afterward, the coding process will be done to identify themes and patterns for analysis. It enables the Project Group to find insights that are representative of the data and the human stories behind them. Deductive and inductive coding are building blocks that make up a variety of different methods for coding. Regarding the research, the Project Group is going to code with a combination of both methods. Due to exploratory research, basic knowledge has been created on this topic, thus a bottom-up approach will be implemented where the codes are derived from the data. There will not be preconceived notions of what the codes should be, however, the Project Group will allow the narrative or theory to emerge from the raw data itself, and by doing the coding, new topics besides the ones from the exploratory research might emerge. Hence, having a pre- determined initial set of topics at the end of the analysis, the codes could still closely resemble the topics which the Project Group identified at the beginning.



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