IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Pre COVID-19, business travel was quite common for many large companies. Respondents were asked to fill in how many times a year they travelled for work before the pandemic, compared to how often they expect to travel in the future. Before the pandemic, 49 out of 83 respondents travelled more than five times a year. In the future, only 36 respondents expect to continue to do so. Although this might only be affecting the near future, due to the ease of virtual meetings and global traveling restrictions, some companies might indefinitely reduce their business travel.

Virtual aspect is used to complement in-person meetings

Table 12: Usage of virtual meetings.

The table above indicates that virtual meetings are here to stay. A large part of the respondents said that virtual meetings are not only complementing internal and external meetings but also training and conferences. It can therefore be concluded that in-person meetings will consequently keep a virtual aspect to them post COVID-19. A good example of this is the adoption of the hub model, which is a meeting with in-person groupings of participants in more locations. Each location is a meeting in its own right, at the same time it is interconnected with the other meetings, allowing for full collaboration.



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