IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

company, the face-to-face training is more beneficial [..], it allows them to gain more knowledge and experience ” (Informant #1). Furthermore, the depth of a certain topic can be studied more effectively in- person, ‘’ We are an innovative company, so of course it is much more beneficial to sit together if you want to develop or improve something ” (Informant #2). Lastly, it is more complex to ensure a good understanding through virtual tools, ‘’Training of our new people [..] is also something that needs to be done face to face because we cannot transfer that knowledge virtually ” (Informant #3). 4.2.6 Decision Making Factors The following factors will be discussed in this paragraph, namely the quality & service, design & facilities, communication, location and shared values. These are decisive points during the customer booking journey.

Quality & Service

There has been a significant shift in the perceived service quality over the years. The interviewees mention that service is important, however, it is much more than that. One interviewee stated the following: ‘’ Remember, it is about the experience. There has been a study done that says two thirds of engagement is dependent on the experience ” (Informant #4). That experience includes receiving a warm welcome, guidance throughout the day, making them feel included and valued. The following quote illustrates this: But I really liked it when I came in, because I make sure I am on time, that I am welcomed. That my attention is immediately drawn to, look, this is the room and if you need anything else, just let me know. And, well, what time have you planned your break, because I'll make sure that the coffee and cake or whatever is ready. So, I really liked that. Just that personal approach and just the contact that you immediately known, okay, that is the person I need to be with and, oh, they are thinking along because they are already asking when the break is (Informant #2). Quality and service seem to rise in importance when booking a venue. Cost element is not the most deciding factor when choosing a venue, according and stated by one of the interviewees: ‘’Quality is probably the most deciding factor when we choose a facility now. Yes, rather than a cost element ” (Informant #1).

Design & Facilities

For design and facilities, the interviewees stated their preferences and elaborated on factors that influence the likeliness of booking a specific venue. The majority mentioned the size of the meeting room as one of the main factors. The space needs to be modern, with nice furniture and daylight, as one interviewee stated the following: “ A company that has an old fashioned, you know, gray metal filing cabinets, hard plastic chairs, you know, old desks, with chips and bashes and some discarded initials on it, things like that. It doesn’t feel good ” (Informant #4). Besides this, meeting supplies that serve as a visual aid to graphically support the company’s discussions, speeches or teamwork are a must. Examples of these are a board, a flipchart, a beamer, and so on. Apart from these traditional supplies, many also refer to the need for advanced technology, with audio-visual equipment being essential: They will need first class AV; they will need big screen functionality. You know, nobody can be looking at a battery of televisions and things like that. It has got to be a big screen functionality. It has got to provide breakout rooms, because there will be maybe a plenary session where everybody is connected (Informant #4).



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